PUBG: Battlegrounds – KFC Locations and Loot in Erangel

All the KFC restaurant locations in Erangel with the PUBG x KFC collaboration update.

KFC Locations

KFC Restaurant Branches in PUBG

There are 10 KFC restaurant locations in Erangel.

What’s Inside the PUBG KFC Restaurant?

Gas stations in PUBG were temporarily changed to KFC branches in Erangel.

You’ll see a Colonel Sanders statue right outside the KFC restaurant.

Say hello to all the readers of this guide, Colonel Sanders!

Aside from the typical loot, you’ll see these lying around.

  • KFC Chicken Bucket
  • KFC Chicken Combo
  • KFC Secret Recipe Fries
  • KFC Drink

KFC Order Kiosk

Upon entering the KFC, you can see an order kiosk near the counter.

Approach it and press F.

The first person to order from the KFC kiosk will have their name displayed on this ticker.


KFC and PUBG has a limited edition promo skin that makes you look like a KFC employee.

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