Oxygen Not Included – Asteroid Spawn Seeds

An ongoing guide to help you find the perfect asteroid for your dupes!


Metal Rich, Geoactive, Geode, Buried Oil

  • LUSH-A-1891439552-0

Geodes, Geoactive, Subsurface Ocean

  • LUSH-A-1527267609-9G

Metal Rich, Geodes, Volcanic

  • LUSH-A-227681179-9G

Metal Rich, Geoactive

  • LUSH-A-1792056680-9G
  • LUSH-A-711186410-9G
  • LUSH-A-728382013-9G
  • LUSH-A-155604863-9G
  • LUSH-A-1416530935-9G

Metal Rich, Geoactive, Slime, Subsurface Ocean

  • LUSH-A-338763426-9G

Geoactive, Geodes

  • LUSH-A-1818566129-9G

Geoactive, Metal Rich, Subsurface Ocean

  • LUSH-A-1923289272-9G
  • LUSH-A-648154022-9G

Geoactive, Buried Oil

  • LUSH-A-1282690020-9G
  • LUSH-A-2047601274-9G

Metal Rich, Buried Oil

  • LUSH-A-286294181-9G

Geodes, Geoactive, Buried Oil

  • LUSH-A-1766271852-9G
  • LUSH-A-1663253720-0

Geodes, Geoactive, Subsurface Ocean

  • LUSH-A-836481812-9G

Metal Rich, Geodes

  • LUSH-A-1339769679-9G

Metal Rich, Geodes, Subsurface Ocean

  • LUSH-A-1991197848-9G

Metal Rich, Geodes, Geoactive

  • LUSH-A-649630753-9G

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