PAYDAY 2 – Shotgun Build

Ridiculously powerful loud oriented build that will make you question overkill ability to balance the game.


You found my PAYDAY 2 Rifle Build, but you can’t seem to make full use of it. PC with integrated graphic having really low fps and you can’t aim because of input lag? Look no further as this is the build made just for you.

PAYDAY 2 - Shotgun Build


  • You don’t need good aiming skill
  • Viable on every dificulty
  • Can take out shield and captain winter easily
  • Fast paced game play
  • No ammo bag needed
  • Fun?


  • DLC needed
  • Got nothing against sniper
  • Not made for new player in mind
  • Infamy 5 and above only
  • Suit hater?

DLC needed are as follow

  • Gage mod courier
  • Gage weapon pack #01
  • Gage spec ops
  • Gage shotgun pack
  • Sydney character pack [perk deck]


Izhma 12G Shotgun

  • 000 Buckshot
  • Short Barrel
  • The Silent Killer Suppressor
  • Concealment Boost
  • Auto Fire
  • Hollow Handle
  • AK Rubber Grip
  • Skeletal Stock 

PAYDAY 2 - Shotgun Build

The Judge Shotgun

  • HE Round
  • The Silent Killer Suppressor
  • Concealment Boost
  • LED Combo
  • See More Sight [optional] 

PAYDAY 2 - Shotgun Build

End result both weapon moded to the highest stats while maintaining a high concealment rate.

Melee weapon

Electrical brass knuckle. This knuckle right here allow you to
stun any cop except dozer with 1 punch.

PAYDAY 2 - Shotgun Build


Concussion grenade.
Basically a flash bang that player can use.
Whats not to like?

PAYDAY 2 - Shotgun Build



Pretty self explanatory, taking just enough skill point for Doctor bag and inspire aced.

PAYDAY 2 - Shotgun Build


Self explanatory shotgun build with close by aced to make full use of your auto shotty. Taking just enough skill point to get bull eyes for extra sustain since shotgun head shot all the time.

PAYDAY 2 - Shotgun Build


Duck and cover aced for some dodge rate while sprinting. Parkour basic to run faster and inner pockets to increase detection a must have to make the build work. Optical illusion aced to lower your detection risk further, the professional for higher stability, specialized killing for more damage and low blow for that extra damage.

PAYDAY 2 - Shotgun Build


Nine lives aced so you have 2 down instead of one and swan song so you have a fighting chance instead of going down instantly and of course beserker aced. Add all that in and you now have a build that can shred anything in this game.

PAYDAY 2 - Shotgun Build

Perk Deck and Armor

You will be using anarchist perk deck with a suit which give you 15 dodge while spriting. The way you use this perk deck and the way you survive is the 2 second damage immunity you get when your armor break. If your armor break, no damage will be taken within that small time frame(can only occurs once every 15 second).

PAYDAY 2 - Shotgun Build

Play Style?

Play style are really hard to explain in word so i am leaving a video here instead.

Written by Pertetoes.

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