PAYDAY 2 – Rifle Build

Ridiculously powerful loud oriented build that will make you question overkill ability to balance the game.


Are you tired of using lame bow/crossbow build? Do you want to be able to kill cop so fast even on OD that another player might kick you for cheating? Well then, this is the build for you right here.

PAYDAY 2 - Rifle Build


  • Insane DPS
  • Viable on every difficulty and moded one like OD+
  • Invincible on every difficulty except one down
  • Fast paced game play
  • Fun?


  • DLC needed
  • Most weapon mod needed are unlock via achievement
  • Not easy to play
  • Not made for new player in mind
  • Infamy 5 and above only
  • Suit hater?

DLC needed are as follow

  • The Butcher’s AK/CAR Mod Pack
  • Gage weapon pack #01
  • Gage spec ops pack
  • Gage mod courier
  • Sydney character pack [perk deck]



  • DMR kit
  • The bigger the better suppressor
  • Concealment boost
  • Auto Fire
  • E.M.O Foregrip
  • LED combo
  • Rubber grip
  • THRUST lower receiver
  • Speed pull magazine
  • See more sight [sight are kinda optional can choose any with 1 detection penalty]
  • Wide stock
  • LW upper receiver 

PAYDAY 2 - Rifle Build

Krinkov SMG

  • The bigger the better suppressor
  • Stability boost
  • Auto fire
  • Aluminium foregrip
  • AK rubber grip
  • Speed pull magazine
  • Skeletal stock 

PAYDAY 2 - Rifle Build

End result both weapon moded to the highest stability and accuracy possible while maintaining a high concealment.

Melee weapon

Electrical brass knuckle. This knuckle right here allow you to stun any cop except dozer with 1 punch.

PAYDAY 2 - Rifle Build


Concussion grenade. Basically a flash bang that player can use. Whats not to like?

PAYDAY 2 - Rifle Build



Pretty self explanatory, taking just enough skill point for Doctor bag and inspire aced. Force friendship for more cable ties and stuff. Stable shot to reach 100 stability for both weapon.

PAYDAY 2 - Rifle Build


Underdog for more damage and scavenger skill to help you with ammo pickup
Wait what?!! No Resilience aced? You can shoot at the loud blinking beeping flash bang now.

PAYDAY 2 - Rifle Build


Tech skill tree mainly about this skill call body expertise that allow you do extra 90% head shot damage to any cop except dozer. Imagine a cop with 1000HP-2x headshot multiplier and your gun do 100 damage, hitting a body shot with said gun would now do 290 instead. sure fire aced for the ability to pierce tan armor and the rest pretty self explanatory.

PAYDAY 2 - Rifle Build


On the middle skill tree we have duck and cover aced for some dodge rate while sprinting. Parkour basic to run faster and inner pockets to increase detection a must have. optical illusion aced for even more concealment on weapon, low blow aced work just like body expertise however this one only proc at 30% rate and specialized killing to increased your weapon damage with suppressor on.

PAYDAY 2 - Rifle Build


Nine lives aced so you have 2 down instead of one and swan song so you have a fighting chance instead of going down instantly and of course beserker aced. Add all that in and you now have a build that can shred anything in this game.

PAYDAY 2 - Rifle Build

Perk Deck and Armor?

You will be using anarchist perk deck with a suit which give you 15 dodge while spriting. The way you use this perk deck and the way you survive is the 2 second damage immunity you get when your armor break. If your armor break, no damage will be taken within that small time frame (can only occurs once every 15 second).

PAYDAY 2 - Rifle Build

Play Style?

Play style are really hard to explain in word so i am leaving a video here instead.

Written by Pertetoes.

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