PAYDAY 2 – Breakin’ Feds – Gage Packages Location

Picture guide on finding gage packages on Breakin’ Feds heist.

About This Guide

It’s probably not worth risking getting busted while sneaking around trying to find Gage packages on this heist, but if you’re one of that players that just got to find ’em all, this guide is for you.

I try to keep things simple. A top-down overview of the locations in each section of the map, and some screenshots for each of the spawns afterwards. The package is usually somewhere around the center of each screenshot.

Starting Area: Overview

There are 12 possible Gage package spawns in the starting area before you cross the gates. All of them are on the top floor you spawn on. Don’t bother going downstairs looking for them.

I didn’t want to add a whole lot of text to the screenshot, but if you have trouble reading this:

  • 1 and 2 are next to the Server Room, on the left.
  • 4 and 5 are in HR room, and 3 on the bench just outside.
  • 6 to 10 are in the Operations Room and the office next to it.
  • 11 is in the Storage Room and 12 is next to a sofa just before the gates.

Starting Area: Screenshots

Left Wing: Overview

By left wing I refer to the section you reach if you turn left after hacking and crossing the gates at the beginning of the heist. If you have trouble interpreting the overview, the entrance would be at the bottom and Garrett’s office at the top.

A whopping 20 possible spawns are located in this section. Be ready for a long journey looking for them!

Left Wing: Screenshots

Right Wing: Overview

Right wing is… the opposite of the left wing?

On the image, Garret’s office is top left section, and the entrance is from the bottom.

There are 13 spots to check in this section of the heist.

Right Wing: Screenshots

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