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How do I get my character to move?

Walking / Running

  • Sliding your thumb up/down/left/right on the LEFT side of the screen (the d-pad area) while on the ground will make the character run in that direction.
  • Sliding your thumb WITHIN the d-pad circle will slow your avatar’s speed to a walk.


  • Tapping the jump button on the bottom-right of the screen with your thumb will make the avatar jump forwards.
  • This can be combined with d-pad movement to change the direction of your jump.
  • Alternatively, a “flick” in any direction in the d-pad area while on the ground will make the avatar jump in that direction. This can also be used to jump off ledges/cliffs.


  • Dragging a finger from one of the avatar’s feet will cause him to “step” in that direction. Useful in social interactions and for doing selfies!

How do I get my character to float/boost up?

Here are all the ways you can control your character’s ascent from the ground.

  • HOLDING your thumb on the jump button for a short amount of time will use up 1 bit of Wing Energy and cause your character to “flap” and boost into the air.
  • Additional boosts can be performed while in the air to gain more height.
  • If you press the boost button and do not have sufficient Wing Energy, it will have no effect. The game will give some feedback indicating that you are out of Energy.
  • As long as you have stars of Wing Energy to use, you can keep the boost button held down, if you wish to use them in quick succession.
  • You can increase your total Energy (the number of stars on your cape) by finding Winged Light scattered throughout the world, which allows you to increase the number of consecutive boosts that are possible.

How do I fly with my character?

This is how you control your character while flying/gliding:

  • While airborne and moving forward close to the maximum speed (by holding forward on the d-pad, or from air dashing forward), a quick FLICK of your thumb in the d-pad area “forwards” (e.g. in your avatar’s forward direction), will cause your avatar to enter glide mode.
  • While in glide mode, you can quickly dive by pushing the d-pad DOWN. You can push up to get out of the dive.
  • In special areas where there are “up drafts”, you will also have the ability to gain height and “pitch up” like an airplane by pushing UP on the d-pad. This special case is referred to as FLIGHT mode. When the avatar is in such an area, flight mode will be engaged automatically as long as the avatar is airborne, and cannot be manually exited until leaving the area.
  • As long as you are not in an updraft, a quick flick in your avatar’s backwards direction will exit glide mode.
  • Flicking the d-pad area in any direction while airborne will make your avatar do a quick “dash” in that direction.

How do I teleport back to Home and other levels?

To warp to Home and other levels, you should follow these steps:

  • Tap the top-right of the screen to make the Cog button appear.
  • Tap the Cog button to open the options menu.
  • Tap the portal button in the top middle of the menu.

Tapping the portal button will teleport you to Home. From there you can travel to different levels through their corresponding portals.

How do I resume from where I left off in a level?

To resume where you left off, you must first return to Home. There you can pass through the Portal of the level you were last in. Doing this should set you at the last point the game saved during your adventure through the world.

Can I use a controller to play Sky?

Not at this time. We plan to support MFi controllers eventually, but have not fully implemented this into the game at this time.

What should I do if my character gets stuck or cannot move?

If your character gets stuck, or becomes unable to move for any reason, we suggest you close and restart the app.

When you restart the game you should not lose anything and will be placed somewhere nearby your previous location.

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