Hunt: Showdown – Achievement Guide (How to Unlock)

Please note: all credit goes to Legendaryvenomz!

A guide to unlocking every Hunt Showdown achievement.

Achievement Guide

7 Days Later – Complete a weekly challenge.

To get this you must complete a weekly challenge. You can see challenges under the lobby tab. You will have to claim it when completed.

All In A Day’s Work – Complete a daily challenge.

To get this you must complete a daily challenge. You can see challenges under the lobby tab. You will have to claim it when completed.

Battering Ram – Break 50 doors.

Doors can be meleed a few times to break. It’s best to use a sledgehammer or axe found in the world. It takes two heavy hits to destroy a door.

Bloodline Peak – Unlock Bloodline rank 100.

Reach rank 100 under bloodline.

Centennial Contractor – Complete 100 Bounty Hunt contracts.

Clairvoyant – Locate a contract target without investigating a clue.

Convalescent Home – Retire 25 Hunters.

You can retire hunters after reaching rank 25 with them. Do this 25 times.

Deadeye – Kill 100 enemy Hunters with headshots.

Headshot enemy players.

Debut – Kill your first enemy Hunter.

This can be got while playing, just kill an enemy player in Quickplay or Contract mode.

Do Not Disturb – Hide in a toilet.

Around the map there are outhouses. Go inside one and shut the door, the achievement should pop.

Hunt: Showdown - Achievement Guide (How to Unlock)

Easier than Mining Sulphur – Absorb at least 250 energy from the Wellspring in a Quickplay match.

Eeny, Melee, Miny, Moe – Kill any contract target with a melee attack.

The butcher is the easiest to get this achievement from as he is weak to melee. Or put any boss down to one hit and finish them off with melee. I got this while holding an axe as my duo partner killed the boss with a gun.

Fifty Shades of Survival – Get a Hunter to level 50.

Easiest to do when first starting as trainee mode lets you keep your hunter after dying.

First Come, First Served – Be the first to activate the Wellspring in a Quickplay match.

Five-Ace Hand – Have 5 level 50 Hunters at the same time.

In the Footsteps of Flaxman Low – Investigate 250 clues.

Initiation Complete – Complete Trainee Mode.

Trainee mode ends once you reach level 11. You will lose your hunter if you die now.

Jack of All Trades – Have 15 traits on a Hunter at the same time.

Live to Fight Another Day – Survive a Quickplay match.

Lone Wolf – Kill 50 contract targets solo.

Louisiana Fried Chicken – Burn 50 chicken coops.

Master Headhunter – Recruit 100 Hunters.

Monstrous Bibliophile – Unlock 25 entries in the Book of Monsters.

On The Nose – Kill 150 monsters with headshots.

Playing Tonight: Buddy Bolden – Play the gramophone and the piano in one mission.

Regards from John L. Sullivan – Kill 150 Grunts with the dusters.

Sealed and Secured – Close 250 rifts in Quickplay matches.

Sightseeing in the South – Visit every Lawson Delta location in one mission.

Simmer Down, Hothead! – Kill an Immolator without making them explode.

If you hit an immolator with a blunt object it won’t explode. Using the sledgehammer found in the world is probably the best way to get this.

Swamp Tourist – Visit every Stillwater Bayou location in one mission.

Throw Hammer or Run – Kill an enemy Hunter with a sledgehammer throw.

To The Bitter End – Be the last Hunter standing in a Quickplay match.

Trinity Of Pain – Be on fire, poisoned, and bleeding at the same time.

Vestal Contract – Complete your first Bounty Hunt contract.

Weapons Bibliophage – Unlock 50 entries in the Book of Weapons.

Welcome to Tier 2 – Unlock Bloodline Tier 2.

Reach rank 34.

Welcome to Tier 3 – Unlock Bloodline Tier 3.

Reach rank 67.

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