Warframe – Credit Farm Guide

A credit farming guide for Warframe.

What’re They For?

Credits are used on nearly everything in Warframe as money makes the world go around as they say. sacrifices can be really credit expensive towards gaining those levels and can be upwards of 100,000 credits.

Primed mods cost around 1 million just for a trade tax… yeah so follow the steps below to begin your credit farm.


The fastest way for grinding credits has to be Index on Neptune. Simply open the recruiting tab and type LF Index and meet up with some other players keen to grind credits.

Rewards and Prices

Index requires a up-front fee to make it a type of competition between the Tenno side and the Corpus side as they will be trying to score against you.

Warframe - Credit Farm Guide
Warframe - Credit Farm Guide

How to Score

Kill enemies and collect the green rocks that drop from the kill. The enemy will be trying to do this to your team as well and guide the rocks around you into the goal post at the end of the map. Be warned holding more rocks drains your mana but allows you to gain bonus points that will make the game much faster than just single rock drops. There’s a timer that must be kept above 0 by banking rocks, so be mindful of this feature and bank as much as you can.

Warframe - Credit Farm Guide


Non Primed Parts

Another not so reliable way that can get pretty quick results is selling doubles of items you have like Kavat incubator segments and harrow chassis’s. Press sort by owned and look for parts and other types of items that can be sold.

Can get around 200,000+ depending on the amount sold.

Duplicate Mods

Click sort by owned and sell mods down to about 10 of one type unless they’re rare.

This can get you around 100,000+ credits.

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