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Children of Morta - Tips & Tricks!

Written by Cookiesaurus   /   Sep 8, 2019    
Children of Morta - Tips & Tricks!

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Tips & Tricks!

  • Save at least 3 gemstones for the end of the run. The merchant may have some very useful items for sell at the cost of 3. Or at least you'll be able to buy Health Potions to heal yourself.

  • Linda is more powerful when she stands still and fires. Choose your location wisely and invest in skills that benefit her for some incredible damage boosters.

  • Killing the same boss more than once will not drop any new items.

  • Some characters have special events in different dungeons, making it important to adventure with all your family.

  • Family traits affect your whole family, make sure to level all of them for some great added bonuses.

  • Melee fighter? Your attacks cause enemies to flinch thus disabling their incoming attack! Remember - Offense is sometimes the best Defense!

  • As John your shield blocks incoming attacks from all directions.

  • Remember your evade causes you to roll into the direction you move to, not point to.

  • Spike traps and corruption pools/altars cause damage to both you and enemies when triggered, use the environment to your aid!

  • Don't be afraid to run around and dodge enemies while you wait for a better position or your skills to reset. You don't suffer damage from walking through enemies, only from incoming attacks.

Written by Cookiesaurus.