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Green Hell - Story Mode Walkthrough

Written by Owlie   /   Sep 8, 2019    
Green Hell - Story Mode Walkthrough

Story Mode Walkthrough

This will be the walkthrough:

  1. At the start of the game, just do what you usually do. Make some tools and stuff.
  2. Go up the river for a bit and you'll see a village.
  3. Find a bowl and cook up the recipe shown in your notebook.
  4. The bark can be found literally few meters behind the bowl, in a large tree where you usually find blue shroom.
  5. You'll find the red-green herb (psychotria). Now worries, this herb appears literally everywhere except for when you're actually looking for it.
  6. Cook up those ingredients at the bowl and drink it.
  7. Go to the coordinate (A-2).
  8. Realize you cant reach it, find the grappling hook.
  9. Find the crashed jeep and pick up the jerrycan.
  10. Find the elevator cave, fuel the generator, go down.
  11. Optionally pick up a bag of gold.
  12. Pick up the grappling hook there.
  13. Go back to the marked map area (A-2).
  14. Find a "stonehenge", make another brew and drink it.
  15. Go trough the very familiar snake camp.
  16. Go east till you find a climbing spot (coordinate is: 32'W;25'S).
  17. Look for a clearing.
  18. Fix the radio by following the yellow cable.
  19. Pick up the key near the radio after using the radio.
  20. Follow the blue cable and pick up the climbing gear.
  21. Follow the coordinate (C-1) south-east from the airstrip and slide down.
  22. Pick up the diving gear and go trough the underwater cave.
  23. When you're up, go south-east again to a small sinkhole and slide down again.
  24. Not much diving this time, just go trough the cave till you reach a swamp.
  25. (Optional) Follow the coordinate marked as Omega (this part is optional but essential for the good ending).
  26. (Optional) Find a mossy tent, interact with the zipper to enter it.
  27. (Optional) Pick up the infected blood sample and put it into the machine.
  28. (Optional) Go find 2 tobacco and 2 bandage, prepare 2 tobacco bandages.
  29. (Optional) Pick up a poison dart frog (with your hand). You will be instantly poisoned once you pick it up so immediately bandage your arm with that tobacco bandages (twice).
  30. (Optional) Sleep in the adjacent tent that has beds to pass off the fever.
  31. (Optional) Go back to the Zippered tent, put the live frog into the sample, and pick up THE CURE.
  32. Follow the coordinate marked as A-1.
  33. Make the third brew, drink em', walking-sim em', don't forget to pick up the grappling gun once you're done.
  34. Try to reach Coordinate H and enjoy the surprise.
  35. Keep going down till you find a trunk bridge that somehow got there all of the sudden.
  36. Keep going till you reached coordinate Psi.
  37. Make the brew the fourth time.
  38. Win.

Cave Shroom Sidequest

  1. Get to the point where you reached the biggest village with the 4th ritual bowl.
  2. Dont use the bowl yet, instead go to coordinate 34'W;34'S.
  3. Go trough the cave till you reach 32'W;32S and pick up the cave mushroom.
  4. Ask me what's the point!
  5. Ask me what's it for!
  6. Ask me why it's there!

Psychotria related.

Green Hell - Story Mode Walkthrough

Written by Owlie.

Game:   Green Hell