Children of Morta – Divine Graces, Relics, Charms and Obelisks

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The Merchant

You will encounter this fellow in one of your early adventures. Rescue him from imprisonment and you will find him at the end of floors, offering you 4 different items (Relics / Charms / Graces / Runes) plus Health Potions in exchange for gemstones.

It is recommended to save at least 3 gemstones for the end of the run.

The merchant will always have Health Potion for sell at the cost of 1 gemstone – unlimited amount of purchases.

Most items will cost 3 gemstones, some more common items will sell at 2.

Children of Morta - Divine Graces, Relics, Charms and Obelisks

Divine Graces

Divine Graces are buffs/companions that you can unlock. There is no limit to the amount of Graces you can have on your character. You will unlock more graces as you continue in the game.


  • Atar’s Ignition – Damaged enemies burn in flames.
  • Keen Edge – Increases primary attack damage.
  • Venom Coating – Poisons damaged enemies.


  • Reflective Stone – Chance to fire projectiles in all directions when hit.
  • Bramble Wrappings – Damages enemies on contact.
  • Blood Owed – Nearby enemies take damage when you’re attacked.


  • Bladeslinger – A melee companion that fights by your side.
  • Lifelong Pal – Heals a portion of your health once in a while.
  • Dazing Spheroid – A companion that stuns enemies.


  • Lucky Charm – Increases the amount of Morv gained.
  • Swift Shanks – Increases Movement Speed.
  • Gift of Life – Increases Maximum Health.

Divine Relics

Relics are usable items that can be found during the dungeons that are activated by using Q.
You can only have 1 Divine Relic at a time (until later in the game).

  • Electrocalypse – Create a temporary aura that damages nearby enemies
  • Totem of Defiance – Create a totem that knocks enemies back
  • Black Despair – Create a vortex that pulls enemies in
  • Totem of Rostam – Create a totem that greatly buffs you
  • Totem of Anahid – Create a totem that slows enemies
  • Totem of Deception – Create a totem that distracts all enemies


Just like Divine Relics, Charms are usable items that have certain effects on the player. Press R to use your charm.

  • Cursed Potion of Life – Increased maximum health at the expense of primary damage.
  • Ferocious Token – Ferocious enemies do less damage.
  • Greater Gemstone Wrapping – Drops three gemstones.
  • Bloodstrike – Increased primary damage at the expense of maximum health.


Once you encounter Margaret standing in front of the wall, she will unlock Obelisks.
These are spread around the dungeons, containing different effects that are instant or carry over time. They will deploy automatically when “using” the obelisk.

Limited Duration:

  • Obelisk of Swiftness – Move at greater speed
  • Obelisk of Skill – Greatly increases critical chance
  • Obelisk of Force – Explosive force surrounds you, damaging enemies
  • Obelisk of Mastery – Increases exp gain
  • Obelisk of Endurance – Strongly reduces damage taken
  • Obelisk of Fortune – Significantly increases luck
  • Obelisk of Spirit – Rage regenerates at greater rate


  • Obelisk of Vitality – Instantly Heals.

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