Green Hell – Spirits of The Amazonia (Chapter One) Complete Guide

How to gain their trust, how to Complete the legends, the complete map and so on…

Complete Guide to Spirits of The Amazonia (Chapter One)

The Complete Map

How to Get the Map In-Game

To Get the map ingame, you need to visit the sunken steamboat in the South West part of the map. For help with entering the boat succesfully:

How to Gain the Tribe’s Trust

Their are 5 ways to gain the tribes trust:

  • Heal the wounded Hunters by using a Dressing depending on the wound they have – (30p/event).
  • Visit the three enemy tribal villages, defeat up to three hostiles and save a woman in a bamboo cage – (30p/event).
  • Find lost children and carry them back home – (30p/event).
  • Find bodies of fallen tribesmen and make them a funeral Pyre – (20p/event).
  • Solve the Legends (More about this in the next section) – (100p/legend).

These are the locations at which I found the top four events (I may have missed one):

For general tips on doing these quickly, needed crafting recipes, etc, check this video guide:

How to Solve Each Legend

There are currently four legends in-game:

  • The White demon.
  • The Cursed Water.
  • The Howling Spirit.
  • The Craftsman.

They each test your Green Hell-Skills in different ways (crafting, combat, exploration).

First you need to collect all the clues, by visiting all the scriptures carved/painted on rocks. For help with this, check the complete top at the top of the guide.

Once you have all clues, you just need to solve them. Once done, go talk to the elder and he’ll give you 100p of trust for each completed legend. Since you only need 800 points, these legends can complete half of that.

I’m not going to completely write down how you can solve each of them, because:

  • I think it’s more fun, if you find them yourself.
  • I don’t want to spoil the mystery, without you being sure you want the answers.

For that reason, I’m just going to link my guide on it. 

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