Green Hell – Save Issue Fix

Fix the save issue which causes the game to load an unplayable save.

How to Fix Save Issue

The Issue

When saving a game the game will stall on the load you save and quit or just quit expecting the save to load from a previous save. The game fails to load correctly and you are left with an unplayable save.

The Fix

In order to use this fix it is required you have cloud saving enabled. If your cloud saving is disabled for the game this fix will not work.

  • Close the game.
  • Uninstall the game.
  • Reinstall the game.
  • Load the save which was corrupt.
  • Profit.

Unclear if you have already started a new file if the old one will still be corrupt however I had two saves already when this happened and the other was played after the fact and the fix still worked.

Hope it helped and that someone hasn’t already made a post about this.

Egor Opleuha
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  1. Uninstall and reinstall the game will not fix the issue… if there is one, because it was juste some random boot issue who can solve itself after a restart of the game or the computer.

    By the way, the Save files from the cloud or from the game aren’t in the Game directory, and Cloud and normal Save files aren’t Deleted when you uninstall the game with Steam or in the windows programs tab.

    If you just want to refresh your save with the one from the cloud, there is far easier way to do this and quicker.

    Just saying, because Uninstall → Reinstall the game is a very tedious things for some peoples becauses there internet connexion isn’t that great.
    And before doing this, try at least to check the files with steam, it’s easy and quicker than this process (who isn’t a real process in fact)

    • If Uninstall → Reinstall the game solve any issues it’s most of the time because something has be done badly from the user side, like modding who is the 1st reason who came in my mind, or the usage of a third party software or tool who can affect the game and/or your save.

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