Blasphemous – 100% Full Map of Cvstodia

This guide contains a full map of the land of Cvstodia in the Blasphemous game.

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Full Map

The map below contains every area in the game, as well as locations of Bosses, Mea Culpa Shrines, Keys, Portals and more.

Click to enlarge… (9 300 x 3 200 pixels)

Written by Demajen


  1. Ey there! great map, im using it a lot to find the last few things im missing.

    But im not finding a bone in your map, its the “Clavicle, from Dalhusein the schoolchild”.

  2. For the Crimson Heart of a Miura, when you first enter the door leading to the fourth Visage, immediately hit the left wall

  3. Thanks so much for having the Wounds of Eventide map up so quick, literally next day after release. Kudos

  4. Found two of the three remaining skins:

    One is hdden within the arcade bonus level (not the one unlocked by finishing level with all five gold skulls, this one is hidden behind a secret wall in the second room of the last section, just try to stay the whole room on the lifte platforms and when you reach the end, just jump through the wall, grab the skin from a chest, then finish the level as usual), called “The Adventure”

    The Second is actually unlocked from the main menu, it’s a refference to Konami code, just hit on your keyboard this sequence: “UP,UP,DOWN,DOWN,LEFT,RIGHT,LEFT,RIGHT” and you got it, the skin is called “Ancient History”

  5. The Ancient History Skin for me works in patch notes menu using the stick from the gamepad.

  6. Ok, something weird came up on my current playthrough, and I think it has something to do with the new update. I was donating my tears of atonement to the church in albero, following the usual donation milestones. So I was grinding for more tears, and after I had dumped exactly 30,000 into the alms box, I was given the cloistered ruby when I left and went back in. I grinded some more, getting 50,000 tears and then donating that, and then the altar became a free confessor statue and no longer accepts donations. I have already unlocked the Alms for Oblivion Skin long before the Wounds of Eventide update, and I think it might unlock after donating 50,000 now on top of becoming a free confessor… I don’t know.

  7. I would like to add that the 30,000 tears that gave me the cloistered ruby occurred long after I had donated 20,000 to unlock the ability to fast travel between Prie Dieu shrines.

  8. The last remaining skin, Relentless Rectitude, is rewarded to you after getting an S+ rating on all Sacred Sorrows (Boss Rush) in True Torment.

  9. Thank you so much for creating this map, it was really helpful for me in order to find each secret of this wonderful game.

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