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Blasphemous: Stir of Dawn - 100% Map

Written by Demajen   /   Aug 2, 2020    

A 100% map of the game as it exists in the Stir of Dawn DLC, with new layout, bosses, and items.

Note: This awesome map was created by Demajen. If you want to support him, subscribe to his YouTube channel or follow him on Twitter.

Blasphemous: Stir of Dawn DLC Map: Completion 100%

Completed my first NG+ run and can confirm that everything works pretty much the same as the base game, with the following exception: you can teleport between Prie Dieu with the tithe power and NOT spill the Chalice for the quest. This makes it a LOT easier. Dunno if it'll get patched, however.

Note: There is a bug, currently, which means you don't get the rosary bead reward for completing your NG+ run.

Click to enlarge... (12 000 x 6 600 pixels)

Pre-DLC Game Map

Click to enlarge... (9 300 x 3 200 pixels)

Written by Demajen.

Game:   Blasphemous