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Blasphemous - Bosses List

Sep 4, 2019    
Blasphemous - Bosses List

This guide will contain a list of all known Bosses you can find and face off against in Blasphemous.

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List of Bosses

  • Warden of the Silent Sorrow - Brotherhood of Silent Sorrow

  • Ten Piedad - Mercy Dreams

  • Our Lady of the Blackened Face - Convent of Our Lady of the Blackened Face (by way of Where the Olive Trees Wither and Graveyard of the Peaks)

  • Tres Angustias - Grievance Ascends (by way of Mountains of the Endless Dusk and Jondo, the Inverted Bell)

  • Esdras, of the Anointed Legion - Bridge of The Three Cavalries (after defeating the first three bosses)

  • Melquiades, the Exhumed Archbishop - Mother of Mothers (after passing the Patio of Silent Steps)

  • Exposito, Scion of Abjuration - Sleeping Canvases (below the Library of Negated Words)

  • Quirce, Returned by the Flames - Holy Prohbitions (by way of the Mother of Mothers)

  • Crisanta of Wrapped Agony - Archcathedral Rooftops (above the Mother of Mothers

  • His Holiness Escribar - The Greater Dome of His Holiness

Game:   Blasphemous