Blasphemous – How to Obtain Double Jump

This guide will help you to obtain Double Jump.

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Get Double Jump

Step 1

After you have obtained the Key of the Eldest Brother from the first merchant, head to this location.

Blasphemous - How to Obtain Double Jump

Step 2

Just go to this door, you’ll see an E above it. Hurry up and open it!

Blasphemous - How to Obtain Double Jump

Step 3

Grab the Relic, equip it, and progress happily.

Blasphemous - How to Obtain Double Jump

But wait there’s more!

Right on that spot, you will find an EGG with 3 plates.

You are going to need 3 items to place on the plates, and those are:

A bride ribbon or something you buy from one of the three merchants.
A black cloth that I really dont remember where you really get it from.
And some melted coins.

Blasphemous - How to Obtain Double Jump

Location of the melted coins

Here’s where you get the melted coins.

Blasphemous - How to Obtain Double Jump

After doing all that

After putting the items on the plate, the huge hairy egg is going to give you an item which is also an egg!

You take that egg and you place it inside the tree, on the following location.

Then go one screen out, and return again to obtain the egg from the tree.

Blasphemous - How to Obtain Double Jump


Get to Albero, where the fountain is, and get inside.

Speak to the statue, and give him the egg.

He’s going to give you this:

Equip it, and now Vines are going to grow from various places, allowing you to grab on to them with your sword, and climb further!

Read this

This does not actually grants you any sort of a Double jump. But now, wherever there was that red dust floating around, you can see a ledge, and step on it.

Written by Bachiatari


  1. Huh, so that whole double jump thing was a lie just to get clicks? That’s actually pretty sad of you to do.

  2. I just found all these things. The issue with your page is that you make it seem like the plates are in the Eldest Brother area, as you say “right on that spot”, suggesting it’s in the same area. You might want to reword things a bit so it’s clear that you’re referring to a different spot.

  3. What are you talking about? There’s no plate with an egg on it in the spot you mention. Even your picture doesn’t show any such thing in that area. Are you sure you’re not thinking of somewhere else? You seem confused on which items to give to the egg, so maybe you’re just imagining it?

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