Borderlands 3 – All Hijack Target Vehicle Parts Locations Guide (Vehicle Upgrades)

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All Hijack Target Vehicle Parts Locations Guide

There are a total of 10 Unique Parts that you can get for vehicles via the “Hijack Target” locations in Borderlands 3. This is not all of the Vehicle Parts however, as some of them come from side missions.

None of them are missable and you can get them at any point post game. You need to unlock 10 vehicle parts for the “Mechani-Cool” trophy/achievement.

Again, this video is not showing all the of the vehicle parts, only the ones in the open world that come from the Hijack Targets.

Hijack target Unique Vehicle Parts Timeline

  • [0:01] Outrunner’s Heavy Armor (Pandora // Ascension Bluff)
  • [0:51] Technical’s Spike Wheels (Pandora // Devil’s Razor)
  • [1:59] Outrunner’s Zip Wheels (Pandora // Devil’s Razor)
  • [2:54] Technical’s Tire Launcher (Pandora // The Splinterlands)
  • [4:02] Technical Sticky Mines (Promethea // Meridian Outskirts)
  • [5:11] Cyclone Sonic Booster (Promethea // Meridian Metroplex)
  • [6:28] Outrunner’s Razor Wings (Eden-6 // Floodmoor Basin)
  • [7:28] Cyclone’s Wide Wheel (Eden-6 // Floodmoor Basin)
  • [8:26] Cyclone’s Digithruster (Nekrotafeyo // Desolation’s Edge)
  • [9:16] Outrunner’s Energy Cell (Nekrotafeyo // Desolation’s Edge)

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