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This guide is about getting the best possible FPS for Borderlands 3. Some simple methods, with some advanced methods in place.

Guide to FPS


This guide will focusing on how to get the best amount of FPS in BL3. If you are not experienced with making changes to windows and various other out-of-game-settings, then please only look at the easy category of this guide. This guide is split into three sections for FPS boosting. Easy, Medium, and advanced.


Not much you need to change besides some steam launch options and in-game settings.


You will use software like AMD’s GPU Control Panel and Nvidia control panel to make some changes. Other options include changing some windows settings like power plans and disabling fullscreen optimizations.


Follow this at your own risk, this guide assumes you know enough about pcs and are able to take risks,you’re responsible for any mistakes you make and any damage inflicted to your pc create a system restore point just in case. We’ll be looking at a software called “Process Lasso” to allow BL3 to use exclusive parts of your CPU (mainly logical processors).

Again, remember that this is about getting the best possible FPS and not the best possible quality, this means that most settings will be set to “very low”, “low”, or “Off”.

Easy – In-Game settings, Steam Launch Options, HUB Video

The easy part of this guide only requires you to change in-game settings, Steam launch options, and an optional video from a tech channel called HardwareUnboxed who have created a youtube video on how to optimize your FPS. It is recommended you try the HardwareUnboxed video before attempting any of these settings by me.

Optional: Hardware Unboxed Video

Easy Recommended Guide

Before you launch the game:

In Steam, Right click on borderlands 3 and go into properties, then find “Set Launch options…”.

Make sure it matches this image below:

After you launch the game:

First, Set the “overall” quality to “High”. Then, change the settings so they match this image below:

Medium – Nvidia Control Panel, Windows Power Options, Fullscreen Optimizations

Assuming you have a Nvidia Graphics Card, open “Nvidia Control Panel”. Then, match the values or settings to the images below:

For AMD users, follow this steps.

After the steps above, find “borderlands3.exe” and right click, then properties, then under “Compatibility” check the box option called “Disable fullscreen optimizations”.

Optional Steam Launch Settings

In the Easy part of this guide, we set BL3 to high priority using the -high parameter. There are additional parameters that you can set, if you do not plan to use the advanced part of this guide. Assuming you have a high end PC, Use the commands -useallavailablecores and -notexturestreaming as these will make use of all cores on your PC and notexturestreaming forces the game to load each texture of the map before-hand instead of loading them as you play the game and progress further in the level.

Power Options:

In windows search, type “Choose a power plan” then select that option. Then, choose the power plan called High Performance.

Advanced Options

Follow this at your own risk, this guide assumes you know enough about pcs and are able to take risks,you’re responsible for any mistakes you make and any damage inflicted to your pc create a system restore point just in case.

Windows Control Flow Guard

Some reddit threads on the BL3 sub reddit have mentioned disabling this setting reduces or eliminates the infamous ADS stuttering on BL3. The steps have been uploaded to YouTube. Remember that you do not need to override the setting “Heap Integrity”, as this means that windows tries to make sure memory leaks don’t occur in any applications such as games. So hopefully this eliminates any stutter for you.


This guide is primarily keeping AMD users in mind for this step, so if you’re an Intel user, please read and follow at your own risk. If you have AMD’s Ryzen master software, please disable Simultaneous Multi-threading which is also known as SMT.

Again, please follow at your own risk and this part of the guide assumes you know about how CPU affinity works and changing application priority to high.

  • Please read these threads before you proceed here and here.

After you have understood what is going on what CPU affinity, in process lasso, I recommend to find BL3 and then set the CPU affinity (under always option) to the last 4 or 6 logical processors of your computer. I have created a video guide below:


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