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Cube World - Advanced Movement Guide

Written by Phoenix-Senpai   /   Sep 30, 2019    
Cube World - Advanced Movement Guide

An all and one guide for faster and more efficient character movement around Cube World.

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All Classes

Double Jump - All Classes can roll and simultaneously jump, if you jump again during that same roll animation you will be able to jump again.

Wall Double Jump - When wall jumping you technically are doing the first half of the double jump. So the same principle applies. Simply jump again during the peak of your wall jump. You can chain this into itself by just wall double jumping back onto the wall. That was the nitty gritty, but it's been found to be easier just by spamming Jump and E. It's infinite climbing.

Falling Roll - This one is a feature. But considering how strict the timing is, it's easy to believe it was a glitch. Roll just before hitting the ground and it will negate fall damage.


Rock Fist Cancel - warriors have a pretty lengthy dash in their kit called the rock fist. This might be obvious to avid gamers of the Action or Fighting genres, but if the ending lag (And the entire move for that matter) can be canceled by just rolling.

Cyclone Jump - warriors can reach about the same height as a perfect double jump by using cyclone (Shift Default) and jumping.

Rock Leap - warriors can use MMB to use a leap type attack called smash. But it doesn't look like a smash so I'm using leap. Anyways, it carries momentum. So you can use your rock fist and then consume all your stamina for a smash and it will carry you even farther than the rock fist cancel.


Super Hover - mages can hover in the air by holding left Shift. It costs no mana making this tech probably the most useful in my opinion. If you start hovering immediately after leaving the ground with a jump you will be launched into the air and with quite a bit of hang time as well (You can string this with Teleport bound to Middle Mouse Button).

This glitch has caught Wol_lay's attention. But ever since posting it on twitter it has been unchanged with each update.

Extended Hover - mages usually have a pretty quick decay on their hover and fall rather quickly. But you can extend that decay by tapping your hover instead of holding. There are multiple rhythms you can use but with optimal rhythm you'll have very little drop or decay.





Currently Investigating

  • Staggered Sprinting on Ninja and Scout.
  • Preserving movement on Sniper with Retreat like I'm still in Alpha :[.
  • Way to get around Hang Glider's initial dive.

Written by Phoenix-Senpai.

Game:   Cube World