Friday the 13th: The Game – How to Kill Jason

Hey in this Guide i show you the exact Steps how to Kill Jason.
It is easier as you think 🙂

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Step #1: Mothers Sweater

Take one counselor to Jasons Cabin and let him grab the Sweater near the Head of Pamela Voorhees. The counselor must be a Girl it doesnt work otherwise.

Step #2: Jason lose the Mask

Jason have to lose his Mask this can be happened by giving him enough damage to the Head with everything you can find. We tried it without having Jason in Combat Mode (Pressing C) but you can try it with to be Safe.

Step #3: Calling Help

You must call Tommy Jarvis this can be happened by finding his Radio and then let two Counselors get killed by Jason now one of them can start the Game as Tommy Jarvis. Who becomes Tommy is random.

Step #4: Wear the Mask Tommy

This is optional we tried it with Tommy wearing the Mask and without wearing the Mask and in both Ways it worked. All you have to do is to go with Tommy Jarvis to the Place where Jason lost his mask and take it.

Step #5: Machete for Tommy

You must find a Machete for Tommy Jarvis, the easiest Way to find one is on the Shrine in Jasons Cabin.

Step #6: The Hard Part

Now the Female Counselor wich picked up the Sweater must stun Jason by pressing Q, during this all the important Counselors must be in the Room. During Jason is stunned one Counselors have to hit him with the Baseball Bat from the behind so he goes down to his Knees. Now Tommy should be able to perform a special attack by going near to Jason and pressing E. Now watch the Death of Jason Voorhees.

Written by DerStuppi.

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