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Breeders of the Nephelym - Full Map (Upgrades, Portals, Nephelym and More)

Written by Apolly007   /   Updated: Oct 23, 2019    

Here you will see the full map of Lycrea and where you will find which Nephelym.

  • Note: You can find all cheat codes here.

The Map

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The Nephelym and Their Location

  • Amorous Hallows / Inside the cave - Bat and Goblin.
  • Climax Peak / Top of the mountain - Colossus.
  • Esoteric Glade / Middle of the field - Malakhim, Elf, Orc and Slime.
  • Hedon Township / Behind the fountain - Amber-Mae, Camilla, Cassie, Romy and The Emissary.
  • Hivelands / Near the cliff - Bee.
  • Homestead / going past Fern - Falene and Fern.
  • Lustwood / At the end near lake - Vulpuss, Sionnach, Lykos and Wulf.
  • Moaning Craig / Close to the volcano - Cambion, Incubus and Succubus.
  • Pleasure Pastures / Near the cliff - Ayrshire and Bull.
  • Cove of Rapture / Near the Pussyportal at the bay - Shark.
  • Sensual Sands / Right of the entrance - Kestrel.
  • Sultry Pleateau / Middle of forest - Tabby.
  • Virgin Breaks / At the curve - Wyvern and Drake.

Written by Apolly007.