Farm Together – Currency Type Guide (How to Convert)

A simple guide of currency types and how you earn and / or convert them to other items in-game.

Types of Currency

The forms of currency in this game are:

  • Money
  • Diamonds
  • Medals
  • Gold Nuggets
  • Tickets


This is your main currency, obtained by harvesting crops.

Wells will also grant Money, at a rate of 25 every 2 minutes. They cost 4 Diamonds to buy. Every farm starts with a Well (level 1). Farmhands (level 20) are capable of harvesting Wells, and harvesting Wells also can give an XP boost to guests who come to your farm.

A field of 36 Wells will net the player over 23,000 Money in an hour, while costing only 144 Diamonds to set up. Therefore, Wells are an excellent use of a Farmhand’s activity early in the game. But since they recharge so quickly, by the time the 36th Well is harvested, the first is almost ready to be harvested again, so it doesn’t make sense to put more than this many in a field.

The Pot O’ Gold (level 5) item from the Lucky Harvest event is another type of Well. It awards 500 Money every 30 minutes.

The daily login reward also rewards you with money when you login for the first time of the day.


Diamonds are used to buy decorations. You get them from selling your goods at shops or from harvesting certain trees, flowers, and crops. A good example of this is the Beehive (level 6). You spend 10 Diamonds to get it, and each time you harvest, you get 5 Diamonds and a Honey.

The daily login reward also rewards you with a small amount of diamonds when you login for the first time of the day.


Medals are earned primarily by completing quests. In the example below, I have to harvest from 20 Provence Donkeys total to earn 2 Medals.

Gold Nuggets

These drop randomly while harvesting. The higher level the harvestable item is, the higher chance of spawning a Gold Nugget. If you have Farmhands (level 20), there is more of a chance to acquire Gold Nuggets as well.

If you have the Pot O’ Gold (level 5) Well item from the Lucky Harvest event, it awards a Gold Nugget every 30 minutes.


Tickets are earned by doing jobs inside your House (first available at level 5). They are the currency for buying House decorations or paying Farmhands. Jobs are performed via special furniture in Houses. When interacting with the furniture, you’ll get a list of available jobs to perform. These jobs take a number of steps (3 to 5) to be completed, each one requiring a payment in Money, Diamonds, and/or resources.

Current jobs are cooking, painting, and playing music.


These are what I’ve been able to convert so far. If I’m missing anything, please comment below!


Sadly you cannot convert Diamonds to anything. Those are for spending on items/decorations only.


These do not convert to anything either.

Resources to Medals

  • The Honey Stand (level 12) costs 10 Medals to build and allows the transaction of 20 Honey for 1 Medal. Honey can be obtained from a Beehive (level 6).
  • The Jam Stall (level 15) costs 10 Medals to build and allows the transaction of 10 Jams for 1 Medal. Jam can be obtained from a Fruit Press (level 13).
  • The Cheese Stand (level 18) costs 10 Medals to build and allows the transaction of 10 Cheeses for 1 Medal. Cheese can be obtained from a Dairy (level 15).

Money to Medals

  • The Gift Shop (level 22) costs 5 Medals to build and allows the transaction of 250K Money for 1 Medal.

Gold Nuggets to … pretty much everything

Gold Nuggets can be exchanged for other items and currencies via the Pawn Shop (level 5). This building is unlocked at farm level 5, costs 5 Medals to build, and increases the Gold Nugget storage by 30. There can only be one Pawn Shop placed on any map.

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