Fallout Shelter – Quest Tips

In this guide, you find useful tips that you can utilize in your Fallout Shelter quests!

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In quests, your of course going to need weapons. In my opinion all of your dwellers should have good weapons especially on tough quests with Radscorpions or Deathclaws. If you do have one really good weapon thats like a legendary from a lunch box, you should give it to your strongest dweller, and give them your best armor. Now give your other dweller(s) the other equipment you have, the dweller with the good weapon etc, will do most of the damage the other dweller(s) will be there to do all the extra damage. If you have only one dweller, give it all your best gear and some Stimpaks!

Stimpaks & Radaways

Stimpaks and Radaways are very important. In my opinion atleast. If you have got what I recommended in the weapons category, and you have Stimpaks and Radaways you are almost un-defeatable. Before you go on the gettinh started quest in a new vault, you should atleast have a medbay and be producing stimpaks. Radaways, come in handy when you are on a quest with a lot of ghouls. When ever I don’t have Radaways and I’m fighting ghouls, I almost always die. So it is very important to atleast carry two or three Radaways.


Armor is not the most important thing but its still some what important. Armor is not nearly as important in Fallout 3 or Fallout 4. Special matters more, but heres the two most important S.P.E.C.I.A.L attributes you want to look at for in armor. You want A, or agility because it increases how fast your dweller shoots/attacks something. And also P, or perception because it slows down how fast the critical meter goes, with full perception its really slow, and its really easy to get the max critical damage.


Now, you could not complete quests without dwellers. When you start and you get like five easy quests that award lunchbox’s, you may get a legendary dweller, such as James from Fallout 3 for example. He is most likely going to always be in your quests or be in them for quite awhile. Because of their such high level, you can do more quests Also in the armor category you’ll see the two important Special attributes, and you want your dwellers to have all the good attributes so they fight a lot better!

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