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CrossCode - I Hate Spiders! Achievement Guide (Ring of Spiders - Endless Mode)

Written by Mogi   /   Nov 16, 2019    

A full text guide, a commentated video guide of a 9+ minute run, circuit selection recommendations, combat strategy, and general tips to help you get the "I Hate Spiders!" achievement in the Ring of Spiders - Endless Mode.

How to GetI Hate Spiders! Achievement 

Commentated Video Guide

Not everyone is a fan of videos, so everything from the video is covered in text form below.

Circuit Selection

This guide was made for late game Lea and the circuit distribution will reflect that. They are organized by priority; so if you need to cut something out, start with Ragnarok. We're building our circuits entirely around AoE damage, this is because the last couple minutes of the I Hate Spiders! run is very mob heavy.

Wave Tree

Karma Scale (Lvl. 3 Guard Art)

This is the most important skill and could really be used to complete the entire challenge if you were feeling ballsy. It knocks you down to <1% HP, but creates an absorption barrier that heals and damages based on the damage it takes.

It is your life line.

Ice Tree

Polar Pirouette (Lvl. 3 Melee Art)

Highly effective against the red spiders and also serves to buy you space without first drawing the enemies in like with Ragnarok. You are able to move during the combat art's execution as well, making it easier to hit more enemies with its AoE.

Fire Tree

Ragnarok (Lvl. 3 Melee Art)

One of the coolest skills in the game. Is highly effective against the green spiders during this challenge and serves to buy you some space when things get a little too congested. Lower priority than Ice Pirouette because it draws enemies closer before pushing them away and keeps you stationary during execution.

Other arts and the Shock Tree are preference. You could probably min-max harder, but I find that less is more here; overuse of arts can be detrimental to longevity in the Ring of Spiders.

Enemy Basics

Green Spiders

  • Weak to Fire & Shock.
  • Resistant to Ice & Wave.
  • Lower HP and Defense than Red Spiders.
  • Brought low by Ragnarok but not killed.
  • Wave Scream and Homing Ice Dive attacks.
  • Wave Scream is a close-quarters, melee style attack.
  • Dodge late on Homing Ice Dive.

Red Spiders

  • Weak to Ice & Wave.
  • Resistant to Fire & Shock.
  • Won't start spawning until around 1 min.
  • Will usually die to a single Polar Pirouette.
  • Flamethrower and Homing Lightning attacks.
  • Quickly get out of range of Flamethrower cast.
  • Dodge late-ish on Homing Lightning.
  • Combat Strategy.
  • General Combat Overview.
  • Keep your overload below 50%.
  • Keep your SP above 50% unless using Karma Scale.
  • Use Karma Scale only when low on HP.
  • Use Ice Pirouette when majority Green Spiders.
  • Use Ragnarok when majority Red Spiders.

Detailed Combat Overview

0:00 - 1:30: Amateur Hour

As long as you are putting out good damage, the first 90 seconds will be very mellow and you can spend some time having fun, using arts and elements as much as you want, and generally just warming up for the onslaught.

Don't get used to this.

1:30 - 2:30: Prepare Your Body

At this point, scale back your art usage a bit in order to build up an SP pool (>50%) but don't be afraid to use occasional arts when you have max SP. By now spiders will probably be spawning faster than you can kill them with neutral melee attacks. Switch to elements periodically to hasten this process, but be sure to still get in neutral attacks to keep your overload down (no higher than 50 - 75%.)

If you can't get past this section then favorite the guide, train some more and come back later.

2:30 - 3:30: One Step Closer to the Edge

Ideally, you haven't had to use any of your Lvl. 3 combat arts up until now. You will be glad you maintained high SP and low overload coming out of the last section because you will start needing both around this time.

Start following these steps during combat:

  1. Decide which color of spider poses a higher threat
  2. If Red: Cast Ice Pirouette
    If Green: Cast Ragnarok
  3. Check Lea's HP Level
  4. If Red: Cast Karma Scale
    If Green: Proceed to next step
  5. Use Neutral attacks to regen SP to full
  6. Check Lea's HP
  7. If Red: Cast Karma Scale and return to Step 5
    If Green: Return to Step 1

Karma Scale usage needs to be timed and placed well. If there isn't a significant number of spiders on the screen, wait until there is before casting. This skill consumes all of your health on activation and relies on you getting damaged during its duration to work, so make sure there are spiders around to hit you. If you activate it and don't get hit at all, you will exit the art with no HP and will have done minimal damage to the spiders around you.

3:30 - 5:00+: Boogaloo

Continue following the steps from the previous section while always evading or using neutral attacks but begin consciously using more advanced strategies.

Pay attention to casting patterns of the spiders. If you are low on HP and preparing to use Karma Scale, wait until you see a spider begin to cast a skill before activating your art. This ensures that damage is absorbed and under the right circumstances can actually clear the screen entirely while healing you 100% if you get hit hard enough.

Dash Cancelling large groups of spiders is crucial during this stage to keep a steady flow of Lvl. 3 Arts. Every second you spend not attacking is SP left on the table. If you aren't sure how to Dash Cancel, visit Master Splinter in the basement dojo of the Info Center.

Dodge often and don't get cornered. If you get hit by a spider's elemental attack, you may get proc'd. The proc will continue to interrupt the casting of any art for its duration; if you are low on HP at this point I recommend dashing away and popping a consumable if you can find an opportunity to.

Written by Mogi.

Game:   CrossCode