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CrossCode - Cheesed Achievements Guide

Written by Bug   /   Jan 12, 2020    

10 Achievements in 1. An Achievement Guide which consists of a singular action, in a nearby cave, at a lonely Temple, within a certain spot, fighting a specific enemy.

How to Obtain Cheesed Achievements

Before Starting About Achievements and Trophies

Cheesed Achievements

This guide will allow you to obtain all of the following achievements, given your determination. They have been placed in order of most likely to unlock first. Before you continue. This is an exploit.

Time well spent

  • Play the game for a total of 10 hours.

Smokin' Sick Style!!!

  • Defeat a total of 200 enemies doing a combat streak.

One Shot, One Kill!

  • Defeat 500 enemies, each with a single attack.

Combo Breaker!

  • Stay in a combo streak for 20 minutes.

Making Rocky Proud

  • Deal a total of 1,000,000 Damage.

Let's swim in my Vault!

  • Amass a total of 1,000,000 Credits throughout your journey.

Daughter of Artemis

  • Defeat a total of 8,000 Enemies.

Critical Acclaim

  • Land a total of 20,000 critical hits.

The Iron Fist

  • Successfully land 50,000 close combat attacks.

It's called a VRPit

  • Throw and hit a total of 50,000 Balls.

Cheesed Trophies

This Guide will allow you to obtain the following Trophies. Not including the above Achievements tied to Trophies.

  • It Can't Be? - Have a total of 99 Metal Gears in your Inventory.

  • Rookie Frenzy - Defeat a total of 25 enemies doing a combat streak.
  • Veteran Frenzy - Defeat a total of 50 enemies doing a combat streak.
  • Legendary Frenzy - Defeat a total of 100 enemies doing a combat streak.

  • Rookie Streaker - Stay in a combo streak for 5 minutes.
  • Veteran Streaker - Stay in a combo streak for 10 minutes.
  • Legendary Streaker - Stay in a combo streak for 15 minutes.

  • Rookie Brawler - Deal a total of 100,000 Damage.
  • Rookie Veteran - Deal a total of 250,000 Damage.
  • Legendary Veteran - Deal a total of 500,000 Damage.

  • Rookie Banker - Amass a total of 250,000 Credits throughout your journey.
  • Veteran Banker - Amass a total of 500,000 Credits throughout your journey.
  • Legendary Banker- Amass a total of 750,000 Credits throughout your journey.

  • Rookie Huntress - Defeat a total of 1000 enemies.
  • Veteran Huntress - Defeat a total of 2000 enemies.
  • Legendary Huntress - Defeat a total of 4000 enemies.

  • Rookie Brute - Land a total of 1,000 critical hits.
  • Veteran Brute - Land a total of 5,000 critical hits.
  • Legendary Brute- Land a total of 10,000 critical hits.

  • Legendary Assault - Successfully land 1,000 close combat attacks.
  • Legendary Assault - Successfully land 5,000 close combat attacks.
  • Legendary Assault - Successfully land 10,000 close combat attacks.

  • Rookie Flinger - Throw and hit a total of 1,000 Balls.
  • Veteran Flinger - Throw and hit a total of 5,000 Balls.
  • Legendary Flinger- Throw and hit a total of 10,000 Balls.

Where Do I start This Quest?

We'll just have to do a few things... very precisely... to get there.

Though this isn't exactly allowed. Which is why I can't just walk around all willy-nilly!

You need at least 75% Bullseye for Critical Hit Damage.

First and foremost, Teleport to Bergen Village - Ye Old Inn, and head into the Northern area.

On the right, you'll see Radical & Tiffy discussing whether or not they want to take advantage of the Exploit, this is where your Quest begins.

Enter The Temple when you're ready to begin.

Approach the Elevator in the centre of the room and descend to the number corresponding to the amount of living creatures in the room. This is important.

I'll need you to run against this wall here. To the west.

But you'll have to run just at the right spot.

If you did it right, you should slip right in.

Hahaha, I suppose that was your second wall phasing glitch.

Continue South.

Here We Are! This Must Be the Testing Area!

The 810hp Kamikatze Bot will respawn every 2 seconds, due to his necessity for the Puzzle in the room.

Stand at Ranged distance next to the Flame, using Neutral Damage to prevent Overheating.

Spam click until the Kamikatze is consistently dying, then slow to a pace of 2 seconds if you get sore fingies.

But not too slow or you'll lose your scope modifier and have to realign your Ball.

You should be able to 1 hit the Kamikatze during his respawning phase.

This also works for Melee, but you can't spam click or you enter a Combo Attack.

Melee as soon as you see the Health bar reappear.

Rates per Hour

Rough Estimations

  • Enemy count per hour: 1,800
  • XP per hour: 1,800
  • Credits per hour: 244,800
  • Metal Gears: #
  • Blue Orbs: #
  • Moonstones with Trail Booster enabled: #
  • Balls Hit: 1,800
  • Close combat attacks Hit: 1,800

Wear a Burglar's Rope headgear for 50% extra Credits, but zero xp.

XP Increasing gear does not increase past 1 xp.

Written by Bug.

Game:   CrossCode