Scrap Mechanic – Complete Electronics Guide

This guide explains how to build better electronics: controllers, pistons, hybrid pistons, logic gates, and sensors.


So, first, to build most electrical creations, you need a sort of RAM. RAM might not even be needed in processing applications. In my “Sky Lift” build, 2 Spud&Switch RAM modules are used to connect buttons to the same action while acting as a switch. I would have used Solid State RAM, but it’s really large and light.

There are 2 main types of RAM in Scrap Mechanic.

Spud & Switch

Spud & Switch RAM is made by putting a block with a lever on it in front of a spud gun, which is connected to an OR gate. Here are the pros and cons.


  • Very compact, allowing it to fit in a lot of small spaces that need it.
  • Very simple to make.
  • Very easy to connect to in bulk.
  • Heavy, which helps in tall structures if put in the bottom.
  • Very quick (2 tick!).


  • Noisy.
  • Pushes the build a little bit when fired.
  • May make the creation top heavy if too many are put in the top.

So, I recommend Spud&Switch RAM for elevators, tall builds, and things that need RAM but don’t have much space.

Size: 6x1x1

Solid State

Solid state ram has no definite way of making it. There’s so many designs for it that it’s pretty much impossible to list them all.


  • Silent.
  • Very light (good for computing devices).
  • Littered on the steam workshop making it easy to get some. If you do this in a creation you’re sharing, make sure to give credit to the maker!
  • Many shapes and sizes exist allowing for it to fit in unusual locations (like a corner).
  • Only requires a few logic gates.


  • Average speed is 3 ticks, which is slower than the Spud & Switch RAM.
  • Light weight makes it irrelevant in stabilization purposes in tall builds.
  • Might not fit in small spaces as well as Spud&Switch RAM.
  • Hard to learn how to make for beginners.
  • Can be confusing to wire up due to being made of 4 or more logic gates.

Average size: 3x1x2

So, if you are building a tall build, I recommend Spud&Switch RAM. If you can find some solid state RAM on the workshop and are building a computing build, use solid state RAM.


ROM is quite simple. Basically, it’s supposed to be loaded ever since it is loaded on the lift. It’s very simple to build, and extremely compact. It’s a lot more simple to use and build than RAM. It’s extremely simple to set up, too.

The most common configuration for ROM is the double NOT gate (with a size of 2x1x1). It’s two NOR gates hooked into eachother. The NOT gate that is off can be used for a 0, and the one that is on can be used for a 1. These simple electronics are very practical. They can also work as a permanent power source (one that doesn’t need enabled each time it’s put on or loaded on a lift).

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