Scrap Mechanic – Where to Find Items / Materials (Survival Mode)

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This is a guide to where you can find the items. I’m going to help you play this game by letting you know where to find items.

Items / Materials

Gasoline, Fertilizer, Chemicals, Water and many more can be found inside Loot Crates and Loot Boxes.

Glue Clam / Crude Oil

Glue Clam and Crude Oil can be found under the water.


Embers can be found inside the incinerated forest.

Woc Steak / Woc Milk

Woc Steak and Woc Milk may be obtained from a cow. Milk after feeding Woc with a corn, and Steak after killing Woc.


Beeswax can be obtained from beehives.


Cotton can be harvested from Cotton Flower.

Totebot Head

Totebot Head can be dropped from Totebot.

Pigment Flowes

Pigment Flowes can be obtained from Flowers.


Corn can be found everywhere. Just destroy Corn Plant.

Guns and Trader

To get Guns you need to find Trader. You need to look for the Mountains, Caves and Keep Out Signs.

To get Gun you will need Caged Farmer and Rare Crops.

To get Caged Farmer you need to find Scorched Forest. After you found Scorched Forest look for a hole in the ground. Get attach Farmer tou your car you need to use Wielding Tool.

Bonuses and Tips

Here I’ll post thing not necessarily about items and I will give you advice on how to start.

  • #1 You can found this cute creature (I think it’s reference to Axolotl) inside lakes. He is quite rare to find because I’ve only found 1.

  • #2 If you’re new to this game and you see this Bot, RUN AWAY FROM HIM! He can shot tape that inflict 55 DMG, so if he hit you 2 times you’ll die. Tapes fly at a pretty high speed, they are pretty accurate,and ammo can bounce. so I suggests building wall.

  • #3 Remember to guard your croops. Bots can destroy them.

  • #4 If you are new to the game and you don’t started farming yet the easiest way to not die from Hunger and Thirst is using Woc Milk. Place the Corn on the ground Woc will eat some and give you Milk. You can do this infinite number of times. Woc will newer feel full.

  • #5 When you fighting Haybots, you can throw water on them to paralyse them for a few seconds, enough to get 5 hits on them, also they’re afraid of sawblades, even if theyre not spinning, they will straight up avoid a like 4ft zone around the sawblade. And second tactics is that you can just hold Lmb and move backwards. they are faster than you, but when they attack, they stop so they will never hit you and when they get close you can hit them you can just hold Lmb and move backwards.

They are faster than you, but when they attack, they stop so they will never hit you and when they get close you can hit them.

  • #6 Totebots are afraid of spinning drills.

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