TEKKEN 7 – Katarina Alves

Useful T7 Info:

Katarina Alves

Difficulty – Easy

Katarina can be defined as an “all or nothing” character to an extent. She has damaging lows at the risk of getting launched for a combo on block. She has strong CH tools in her 444 string which is a fast CH launcher, d2 with a huge hitbox and high crush potential and df4 a knee CH launcher (being a knee is good as it will beat parries and such). She’s a high risk high reward character for the most part in her mixup situations due to her lows being slowish and risky and her safer lows being not very rewarding and limited. Whilst her lows are a commitment, she has very strong mids in terms of poking and mixups and she has amazing jab strings to bully your opponent with and + frames on block from quite a few moves to complement her frame trap game. Her homings aren’t the best due to their speed meaning she’s forced to rely on her moves tracking to stop the opponent stepping.


  • Strong mids.
  • High damaging mixups.
  • Strong CH frame trap game.
  • High damage output in combos.


  • Lows are a commitment, kinda lacks a reliable good low poke.
  • Slow homing moves.

Recommended for players who like:

  • Explosive mixup characters.
  • CH heavy gameplay.
  • Easy execution.

Written by Fergus!

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