TEKKEN 7 – King

Useful T7 Info:


Difficulty – Medium

Bah gawd King! King is the closest you will have to a grappler in Tekken 7. He has a plethora of throws with some of them being quite damaging. He has chain grabs, which is a series of grabs that forces the opponent to guess between a 1 break or a 2 break to get out of them, or suffer increasing damage; Giant swing with a 1 break that looks like a 1+2 break animation and does beefy damage with his back to the wall. He has a wall ender which allows him to go for a Ground Throw (GT) 50/50 where they have to guess between 1 or 2 break which can add on a lot of damage on a right read while still retaining strong guaranteed damage if the player wants to opt for that and his Rage Drive as a combo ender gives a (GT) attempt. His low game isn’t the best but he encourages ducking via his grabs because his lows are his throws due to misleading break animations. If you enjoy a character with strong throws and forced 50/50 situations, King is the one for you. However, his whiff punishment is quite poor due to no reliable ranged launchers.


  • Best throw game in T7.
  • Strong okizeme with ground throws. 
  • Can rack up damage pretty fast through guessing games (GT).


  • Poking game is pretty mediocre.
  • No strong lows. 
  • Poor whiff punishment. 

Recommended for players who like:

  • Strong throw games.
  • Forcing opponent through 50/50s.

Written by Fergus!

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