TEKKEN 7 – Nina Williams

Useful T7 Info:

Nina Williams

Difficulty – Advanced

Nina is a very “sticky” rushdown character in the way that she can keep prolonged offense going. She excels at point blank range; with a lot of her moves having the ability to cancel into a sidestep, allowing her to continue her offense. Her SS1 cancel in particular has huge + frames on block and can be looped to make your opponent freeze up, especially at the wall where they cannot backdash away from it. This allows Nina to bully the opponent with mid and low pokes to break them down and use her hard hitting low if she wishes. She also has a strong CH game with fast wallsplatting CH strings and launchers. Nina has arguably the steepest execution curve of any character due to her butterfly loops, which is the best wall carry in the game; as well as her unique backdash called: “Hayashida Step”; where she crouches during it and has the potential to go under moves. Throws as a whole got nerfed in Tekken 7, but Nina keeps her strong throw game with a plethora of throws to choose from, with each of these throws having good oki. While Nina’s upclose game is powerful, her ranged game is lacking so it’s encouraged to remain in the opponent’s face with her.


  • Queen of lockdown offense.
  • Fast and damaging CH launchers.
  • Best wall carry in the game.
  • Great throw game.
  • Good whiff punishers.
  • Strong wall game.
  • High damage output.


  • Poor space control.
  • Lacks decent keepout moves.
  • WS launcher punish whiffs on a lot of moves.

Recommended for players who like:

  • Fast paced gameplay.
  • Execution heavy characters.
  • Pure rushdown.

Written by Fergus!

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