Raft – The First Chapter Journey Guide

Prelude to the Chapter

The first ten days, you will need to prepare yourself for the adventure. Making a big enough raft, making metal and copper, getting the Radar built and installed.

The Journal

The Journal is currently empty. This will be empty for the next few days. Your journey begins with the Radar built.

The worst thing that always happens and this is why you should stick with Normal if you play by yourself, the Shark will always try to kill you unless you feed it baits. These videos are just the beginning of the journey. The Prelude to the Chapter if you will.

Start with the basics. Capturing materials, building materials, defending yourself from Bruce the Shark.

Yeah, I got carried away at this point when the Shark dubbed Brucie kept killing me.

Smelter – You will need a smelter in order to build anything metallic or plastic such as the water bottle that you’ll need soon enough.

Radar Installation

The next 7 to 14 days, maybe sooner with friends, you will need to build the Smelter, the Radar dish, and journey to your first location.

You will need the Radar and three antennas. This takes the first 20 copper bars you can smelt and turn into equipment plus 20 metal bars for the framework. I don’t have the antennas on this photo intentionally as this is after I was working on my raft to make a new size.

With the radar powered on, you will receive two separate icons shown here.

Green for Islands.

Blue for Quests.

Vasagatan the Cruiseliner

The Vasagatan is a cruiseliner abandoned by the people who left the radar installation. They came upon the Lurker which is a mutant rat supposedly caused by what this latest patch has been dubbed an experiment gone wrong. They created dangerous rats, bears, and whatever other creatures lurk about. This one has The Lurker.

I never figured out how to kill it. I just know that I should have built a head lamp of all things before I ventured inside. It took me two hours to avoid The Lurker. He’s dangerous as hell. He will kill you if he finds you. He is one scary monster compared to zombies killing you in a surprise attack.

Steering Wheel and Engine

The steering wheel and engine don’t even need a visit to Balboa Island for honey as far as I know. This thing is running off of planks so far.

Balboa Island

I’m pretty sure we aren’t going to the real Balboa Island which is densely populated with humans. We’ll find out when I start working on this journal some more.

Written by Joewaylo

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