Raft – End Game (Spoiler)

This guide shows part of the game near the end after building a reciever and several antennas.

Spoilers ahead be warned!!!

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This guide shows the near end of the game, it shows what happens when you finish building the antennas and reciever to locate a signal somewhere in the middle of nowhere.

Making The Equipment

First, you will need to make your equipment.

Antennas: (3 Needed)

First is the antennas, you will need to make 3 of these. to make them you will need:

  • 4 Scrap (Found in island chests, underwater or from barrels in the sea)
  • 1 Circuit Board (Crafted with 1 Plastic, 2 Copper Ingots and 1 Vine Goo made from burning seaweed)
  • 1 Bolt (Can be crafted with 1 Metal Ingot or found in island chests)

Reciever: (1 Needed)

Second is the reciever, you only need 1 of these, to make one you will need:

  • 8 Planks (Found in Chests, in the sea or from trees gathered on islands with an axe)
  • 6 Plastic (Found in Chests or from floating parts in the sea)
  • 2 Circuit Board (Crafted with 1 Plastic, 2 Copper Ingots and 1 Vine Goo made from burning seaweed)
  • 1 Hinge (Found in Chests or crafted with 1 Metal Ingot)

Battery: (At least 1 Needed)

Lastly, is the Battery, you may need more than one if you leave the reciever on too long. To Craft one:

  • 1 Copper Ingot (Made by putting copper ore found underwater on islands in smelters)
  • 6 Plastic (Found in Chests or from floating parts in the sea)
  • 3 Scrap (Found in island chests, underwater or from barrels in the sea)


When placing the reciever and antennas, make sure that they are all on the same altitude otherwise they will not work. Any mistakes can be corrected by simply holding X on the object to pick it back up.

Here is a quick checklist to help you make them work:

  • Antennas MUST be at the same height as the reciever and eachother
  • You MUST have 3 antennas
  • Antennas cannot be too far from the reciever
  • Antennas cannot be too close to the reciever
  • Antennas cannot be placed to close to eachother
  • After doing all these things everything should work.

With my antennas i had to build a platform on the other side my raft (shown in screenshot) because i wanted my reciever to be placed on the raised section, this is because the antennas had to be the same height and they would be too close to eachother and the receiver to be placed on the top part.

Finding Your Way

After you have successfully built your reciever and antennas, place the battery on the right side of the reciever into the slot. You can then power on the reciever. upon turning it on you will see a green dot placed around the edge of the circle, this is your goal. The middle of the sonar is you and will take into account the direction the reciever is placed.

For Example: You place the reciever, power it on, and the dot is on the left side (or West) of the sonar, you can literally turn that direction, in this case 90 degrees to your left and sail directly into that direction. The distance from the object is shown in meters on the right of the sonar.

To help get there here are a few tips:

  • Only turn on the reciever when you need to check direction or distance
  • Use a sail and aim it in the direction of the signal
  • Use a paddle to gain extra speed or help your raft go in that direction
  • If playing in Multiplayer, the more players paddling, the faster you can get there
  • Make spare batteries if you think you will need them
  • Having net collectors on the edge of your raft will help you keep getting resources on your way

The Rig

Now that you have reached your destination, you will have discovered the largest structure you have come across, The Rig.

The Rig is abandoned but still holds some supplies for you to scavenge.

The Climb

Board The Rig from this entrance if possible.

Then follow these screenshots to get to the top.

Jump up the red barrel, then the lockers then up to upper level.

Once on the upper level head into the building and find these stairs up to the roof.

When on the roof go across the red beam on the right and the jump over to the broken metal catwalk along the side of the building.

Then walk along another red beam then onto the boxes on the left side of the door into the building.

You can then jump up the boxes onto the small roof and then across to the towers catwalk.

After heading to the top of the catwalk you will find the inside of the tower.

Inside The Tower

There isnt much in the tower apart from a crate on the floor and a map.

The Map

This map shows some of the games lore, there a couple newspaper clippings that tell about the rest of the world. One newspaper says that Australia is “completely covered in water” and the other states that “All ice will melt” hinting that the cause of all of the water is from global warming.

Next to the Newspaper is a picture of the globe where you can see that the world is covered by water and hardly any land is visible.

Lets get on to the most interesting part of the board, the so called “Utopia” there is a picture on the upper right that shows what looks to be buildings in the water that resemble skyscrapers. whoever has left this board must have gone out to find this place in hopes of better survival, there is a mapped grid on the left of that shows that it is located at H? numbers are not visible on the Y axis of the map but we do know that it is located in section H on the X axis.

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