Raft – Best Strategy to Kill the Shark

Please note: all credit goes to Duc Agace!

3 strategy to kill the shark effectively.

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The shark has 30 hitpoint, the wooden spear does 1 damage and the metal spear does 2 damage.

1: Jumping from the Raft

The first strategy is to jump from the raft when the shark is close. For the best results an to avoid damage, jump to the back of the shark.

2: Attacking with a Shark Bait

The second strategy is to create a shark bait and toss it in the water. Wait until the shark bite it, preferably start with an hit on the side and dive to follow the shark while hitting him. With this technique you should be able to get 3-4 hit.

3: Dodge Shark Attack

The third strategy is how to dogde horizontal attack. First, you’ll need the flippers or you’ll never be fast enough to dodge.

Second is to have the shark in sight and when is getting close, hold [Ctrl] + [Shift] to ”sprint” toward the bottom of the ocean. Warning, the shark does a big AOE (Area of effect), so even if you think you’re far enough to dodge, there’s probability that he’ll hit you. Start diving sooner then you think you should.


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