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Plague Inc: Evolved - Fake News Scenario Achievement Guide

Written by UltraMagnumOpus   /   Updated: Dec 10, 2019    

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Since the main guide for the game has not been updated. I will give you the scoop on all the new achievements and how to get them.


If you read the description you know what is going on. If not, I will be giving you a quick guide to getting all the new Plague Inc. Evolved achievements. With that out of the way, let's begin.

Beating Normal, Brutal, and Mega Brutal

You might want to just win before you go achievement hunting. I gotcha covered. Overall this is an easy scenario; it utilizes the same mechanics as the board game scenario actually. Well, almost the same(we'll get to that). This means you get to choose modifiers that cost zero at the beginning of the game. This will be you manifesto.

There are multiple factors concerning your fake news manifesto. Such as what is it concerning?

Also, who started the fake news in the first place?

Why is it being started?

Who is it targeting?

Note: Anything underlined and in parenthesis are excusive coments directed towards Mega Brutal.

After you have chosen the contents of your manifesto, now you can begin infecting/ deceiving people. This is a unique scenario concerning the way you infect people. The world's population starts as grey and uninformed. Anyone infected will turn red and deceived. However, people will naturally become informed -faster then people will become infected- (especially on Mega Brutal) and turn blue. So the progress bar at the bottom of the screen should seem as if a red v blue struggle is happening. It does not really matter what your manifesto is concerned with(you need want a manifesto with high virality and plausibility in order to spread quickly).

Choose whatever country you want(choose India or China). Immediately collect the red DNA bubble from that country. It will give you 1 DNA. Go to the growth upgrades. Use the DNA to evolve word of mouth and wait until an orange bubble appears. Pop it and then evolve the internet plus memes. (Be forewarned this will cause multiple red bubbles to pop up. Pausing the game to collect and access is encouraged).

Play normally until you get a notification about your fake news spreading to new countries. Collect all the red bubbles that appeared and evolve bot: network I and II, viral chat messages, influencers, and out of context. This set up is perfect for all difficulties. Next depends on whether you want a short game or a long game. Assuming you want a quickie, evolve: tv targeting, talk show, buy a tv network, and buy a newspaper.

The final steps are easy, just keep evolving plausibility traits until you have around 1 billion deceived (or the cure nears 50%). Then head over to the adaptability tab and put all your future DNA into expand victim list and all succeeding traits.GG.

Sadly there is no recognition for beating Mega Brutal besides Golden Biohazards. However, heeding this advice will get you 3 achievements!

On the fence

Tear the world in two with indecision.

Filter bubble

Beat the Fake News Scenario on Normal.

Post-truth society

Beat the Fake News Scenario on Brutal.

Fake News Combos

Disclaimer: Unlike the board games scenario, your fake news has to reach a certain country before you will receive the achievement. The game will let you know by saying, "The manifesto for Fake News is really resonating with some sections of society. Increase in virality, plausibility, and/or communtity."

First let's go for the Heat Waves achievement, as it was the first one I received.

Making 'heat' waves

Convince the world there is no environment crisis.

Infect USA to receive achievement

You are going to need to choose: climate fake news, started by industrues, for financial purposes, and blaming scientists.

Second, we have the Feline achievement.

Too cute to lie

Convince the world it's not feline fine.

Infect USA to receive achievement

Choose: celebrity fake news, started by celebrities, for the lol's, and blaming kittens.

The next two I completed together in one game. Isn't that nice!

District 9

Convince the world that the newcomers don't belong.

Independence Day

Convince the world with an otherworldly threat.

Infect USA to receive achievement

To reenact District 9 select: select: immigration fake news, started by racists, for financial purposes, and blaming aliens.To reenact Independence Day select: immigration fake news, started by a world leader, for chaos, and blaming foreigners.

Loch Ness Monster

Convince the world of a legend in the loch.

Infect UK to receive achievement

To awaken the Loch pick: cultural fake news, started by foreigners, for fame, and blaming scientists.

Hack Job

Convince the world that the elections were rigged.

Infect USA to receive achievement

To convinve the USA of hacked elections choose: political fake news, started by a world leader, for undermining democracy, and blaming foreigners.

This achievement has to do with something else entirely. TL;DR Fake news about supposed crusade against female gamers.


Please don't review bomb us.

Infect USA to receive achievement

Select: cultural fake news, started by men, for the lol's, and blaming journalists.

This spot is for Generational Tension, whenever I figure it out.

Written by UltraMagnumOpus.