Plague Inc: Evolved – Mad Cow Disease Mega Brutal

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Struggling to beat Mad Cow Disease on Mega Brutal? This guide will help you get at least 1 biohazard for Mega Brutal.


Before I start, I need to give some credit to Danger Moose. His video gets necessary points right for 2 Biohazards, but ultimately we want to aim for 3, so a couple of things will need to be adjusted on our end. However, the scenario needs significant adjustments.

Here is why:

  • You start out with a lot of severity, which results in you being spotted within at least a month.
  • Your infectivity at the start is way too low, forcing you to waste time building your infectivity and getting into every country.
  • You need 65,000 points to get 3 Biohazards, which means you need to wipe out the world within a full year (in-game time) and the cure must be below 45%

Due to these factors, it is near impossible to achieve 3 Biohazards without some highly insane luck. For Plague Inc: Evolved however, making use of the Save/Load trick can tip the scales in your favour, but you will need to save after each symptom you evolve and even in-game events. Here’s what we need to try to avoid:

  • You must prevent an awareness campaign for your disease, prevent WHO from increasing the threat level and stop WHO from placing it on their watch list.
  • These can only be manipulated through Load/Save tricks. No other factor can prevent them besides luck.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s get into the guide.


So, here’s what we need for our gene setup and I will explain why:

ATP Boost – Trialing Catalytic Switch did not bring profit and is only useful once the whole world starts researching a cure. A strong start is an absolute must. No other Gene is going to benefit us for this slot.

Darwinist – Darwinist in this Scenario is far superior to Genetic Mimic, due to the fact that it speeds up the rate you can get free symptoms. The quicker we get free symptoms, the better. Also, Genetic Mimic seems to bear no effect on the Cure whatsoever and prevents us from our ultimate goal.

Native Biome/Teracyte – This is a tricky one to decide. Native Biome will boost infectivity in the start country and that’s it. However, Teracyte will boost your land transmission which is always a great bonus. The reason I don’t go for Aerocyte or Aquacyte is because you still need the Storage Resilience traits to even get planes and boats infected, so using those two genes would be a waste of potential. More testing will need to be done to determine the better gene

Extremophile – This is a no-brainer. We need as much infectivity as possible everywhere, so this is an absolute must.

Sympto-Stasis – Even though we need more infectivity, Symptoms give out much more infectivity than Transmissions. This is also necessary so lethal symptoms and cure slowing symptoms can be evolved easily.

Now, we need to start in India. It has a massive population and can give out more DNA points quickly, so this will be our starting country. You can try Saudi Arabia due to the amount of country connections it has, but I would advise against it since we need to stop a major country from conducting cure research right from the word go.

Beginning Phase (Symptoms)

Immediately once you start, quickly save up for Human Cross-Infection (15 DNA Points) to unlock new Symptoms. Your disease will be spotted within a month of starting and at least another month before cure research starts. If you get “(disease) awareness day”, “(disease) placed on Watch List” or “WHO – threat level increased” before work on the cure starts, you must restart your game. If you have Catalytic Switch, you could possibly get away with it, but I do not recommend doing that.

Once you have Human Cross-Infection, focus on the following Symptoms:

  • Mania
  • Delirium
  • Insanity

Within 4 months of starting the game (if you have Darwinist), you will get a random mutation. Here’s one of the two random mutations we want:

Acute Encephalitis – Lethality is a big deal in this scenario. We need to destroy the world within a year for 3 biohazards, so getting this symptom will help out. However, it comes with a risk that countries might shut down earlier than expected. Either way, it is worth the risk.

Cannibalism – This will give us a small amount of lethality but it will increase infectivity a lot. This will save a lot of DNA points and will allow us to focus on moving onto Transmissions. This is highly preferred over Hallucinations.

If you didn’t get any of these two at the start, restart the game. If you got Cannibalism, move onto the Transmissions Phase. If you got Acute Encephalitis, then evolve Cannibalsim ASAP. If you get to 12 DNA points and you don’t gain 10 more within a month or India’s infected population hits 10 million, move to the Transmissions Phase

Critical Phase (Transmissions + Abilities)

We now move onto the most critical part of the Scenario: Infecting every country as quickly as possible. This is one of the hardest parts of the Scenario and will most likely be the reason why you need to restart. If any island shuts down all entry to it before it’s infected OR if both Russia and Norway close their ports, you must restart. The only way to get to Greenland is through Norway and Russia, so at least 1 of these two must have their ports open.

Continuing on from the previous phase, if you reached 12 DNA Points after evolving Insanity and you haven’t gained 10 DNA points within a month maximum OR if your starting country has hit 2% infected (for India it will be 20 million), move onto these Transmissions:

  • Hermetic Storage Resilience
  • Frozen Storage Resilience
  • Preservative Storage Resilience

By evolving these at this point, ships and airplanes will begin to spread the disease quickly before India shuts down. If you haven’t already evolved Cannibalism, go and quickly evolve it. Once you have Cannibalism, move onto these Transmissions:

  • Bird
  • Fish (you have a chance at infecting a random country, 2 if you’re super lucky)
  • Pork
  • Lamb
  • Dairy

Now jump to Abilities and evolve the following:

  • Cold 1
  • Plant Dissemination (Important)
  • Cold 2

Moving back to Transmissions, we need to evolve the following:

  • Broccoli (minor increase but cheap so it helps)
  • Avocado (helps infect rich countries so evolve it before it hits 39 DNA Points)
  • Potato (helps infect cold countries)
  • Rice (helps infect hot countries)

Almost every country should be infected by this point. If everything has been going to plan so far for you, then it’s time to move onto the Pinch Phase.

Pinch Phase (Symptoms)

Now that all the Transmissions we need have been evolved, we move onto the Pinch Phase. It’s a race between your disease and the Cure, so we need faster. Quickly evolve these symptoms in order:

  • Coughing
  • Pulmonary Oedema
  • Coma
  • Systemic Infection
  • Necrosis
  • Abscesses

Now we need to wait until every country has at least 1 person infected. Waiting until every single person is infected is unproductive and wastes time, so we need to act fast. If the last country you need to infect (if you still have one left) is rich, wait until there’s about 1,000 people infected in it. If it’s an island country but it’s not rich, just wait until your disease gets in. If the last country you need is a land bordering country, check to make sure it’s borders aren’t closed.

Once the last country has been infected, go all out and evolve Total Organ Death (assuming you also have Acute Encephalitis). If you’re lucky, the country will fill up with infected people quickly before the high lethality kicks in. Once you have Total Organ Death, keep an eye on the Cure. If it hits above 50%, immediately evolve Genetic Reshuffle traits to slow it down. This is all you need to do until the entire world dies out. If you stop receiving DNA and don’t have enough for another Genetic Reshuffle, evolve any other Symptom remaining (assuming random mutations haven’t taken care of them all).

If all of this is done correctly, the entire world should be defeated and you will be victorious with a Mega Brutal Biohazard.


Usually, you will have completed the scenario within 2 years simply due to how the scenario works. If you are lucky, you can decrease the time to 1 year and 6 months. Aiming for 1 year completion requires TONS of luck and a lot of Load/Save manipulation. I would say that it’s impossible to get 3 Mega Brutal Biohazards but one or two users have reportedly achieved the impossible. Until the developers fix this scenario, even though this is not an achievement, it will be the hardest challenge you will ever come across. If you are following this for the mobile version, expect to restart A LOT! Load/Saving on mobile is not possible so you have to rely on luck.

To the developers, here’s some ideas for making 3 Biohazards on Mega Brutal a bit more feasible:

  • Increase the score multiplier slightly. This alone should make things a little less harder. 
  • Decrease starting severity to decrease country aggression towards the disease. This will delay the cure and make things less stressful.
  • Increase starting infectivity. Infectivity is WAY too low at the beginning. We need it to be higher.
  • Add Drug Resistance Abilities back. The exclusion of them is highly odd, especially since it’s a Prion and the regular Prion disease type includes them. Excluding them makes everything a lot harder and more luck dependant.
Written by Coolsy101

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