Plague Inc: Evolved – Fake News Achievements Combos and Requirements

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Basic info on the requirements for the 12 Fake News DLC achievements.

Generic Achievements

Filter Bubble

Beat the Fake News Scenario on Normal.

Recommended to beat the scenario on Brutal difficulty so you can get Post-truth society as well.

Post-Truth Society

Beat the Fake News Scenario on Brutal.

We Love Fact Checkers

Get Fact Checked.

Just let the blue ‘Cure’ bar fill to 100%.

On the Fence

Tear the world in two with indecision.

Have both Deceived (red) and Informed (blue) at 40%+. This one is slightly trickier and requires fine balance between plausibility and fact checking, while ramping virality all the way up.

Starting Combo Achievements

Making ‘Heat’ Waves

Convince the world there is no environment crisis.

  • Start in USA.
  • Climate Fake News.
  • Started by – Big Business.
  • Motivation – Financial Gain.
  • Blaming – Scientists.

Hack Job

Convince the world that the elections were rigged.

  • Start in USA.
  • Political Fake News.
  • Started by – World Leader.
  • Motivation – Undermine Democracy.
  • Blaming – Foreigners.


Please don’t review bomb us.

  • Start in USA.
  • Cultural Fake News.
  • Started by – Men.
  • Motivation – Trolling.
  • Blaming – Journalists.

Generational Tension

Convince the world. Divide the world.

  • Political Fake news.
  • Started by – Students.
  • Motivation – Undermine Democracy.
  • Blaming – Elderly.

District 9

Convince the world that the newcomers don’t belong.

  • Start in South Africa.
  • Immigration Fake News.
  • Started by – Racists.
  • Motivation – Financial Gain.
  • Blaming – Aliens.

Independence Day

Convince the world with an otherworldly threat.

  • Start in USA.
  • History Fake News.
  • Started By – A World Leader.
  • Motivation – Chaos.
  • Blaming – Aliens.

Loch Ness Monster

Convince the world of a legend in the loch.

  • Start in UK.
  • Cultural Fake News.
  • Started by – Foreigners.
  • Motivation – Fame.
  • Blaming – Scientists.

Too Cute to Lie

Convince the world it’s not feline fine.

  • Start in USA.
  • Cultural Fake News.
  • Started by – Journalists.
  • Motivation – Trolling.
  • Blaming – Kittens.
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