Post Scriptum – Squad and Post Scriptum Differences

Describes some of the main differences between Squad and Post Scriptum. Useful to those coming from Squad to Post Scriptum.


I recently purchased Post Scriptum (PS) after having played Squad for quite some time. PS is somewhat similar to Squad, but there are some differences I noticed and wanted to let others know about. What follows is a list of the major differences.

Major Differences

1. Squads are called Sections. The Sections have different roles. Some do Armor (drive tanks), some do Logistics (make bases), one Commands (can drop artillery), while the rest fight as Infantry. Only those in Armor can enter tanks, only those in Logistics can enter Logi trucks, only a Commander can drive a special Command Jeep. Everyone in a Logistics Section can place stuff and dig (build) it.

2. The only way to change weapon kits is to respawn. Going to an ammo box only allows you to rearm your current load out. Ammo boxes do not consume some kind of supply points when used. You can fire an anti-tank rocket, rearm at an ammo box, fire again ad infinitum. However, you cannot lay down as many mines as you want to, unlike Squad. Your total mine count is always the maximum you carry (You also cannot bury mines).

3. There are three different ways to respawn: from a Forward Base (only Logistics can build this), from a Mobile Spawn Point (MSP) (anyone can drive these around), and from a Regroup Call point (think Rally Point but looks like a tent).

Example Forward Base

Only two Forward Bases can exist at any one time, and only for the Attackers. The MSP can be taken from the main base and driven anywhere and will only work as a respawn point if it is outside the red areas which are usually around objectives.

Mobile Spawn Point parked outside Red “No Spawn” Zone

The Regroup Call points cannot be placed on objectives, and the Section Leader (SL) can only place them if two other section members are standing nearby or a Radio Operator is nearby. The cool thing is the Radio Operator can be in any section. You can even use the Radio from someone else’s Regroup Call tent to drop your tent.

Regroup (Rally) Call Tent

Unlike Squad, these Regroup Call tents do not disappear if enemies get near them. They are disabled if enemies get near, but the enemy must specifically destroy them with a grenade to kill them. Usually the enemy walks by if you have them hidden in a bush or attic, so they can survive for quite some time. However, as a Section Leader you need to refresh the amount of time on the tent or they will disappear after about five minutes.

4. Unlike Squad, you cannot see other Sections’ action markers (green), like where they are moving or defending. This means more work for the Commander instructing Sections on where to go. You can mark Point of Interest which will generate a random number on the marker, which others can see.

Available Markers

You also cannot see other Sections’ Regroup Call points on the map, so if you come across a tent in the woods, make sure it doesn’t belong to your team before you destroy it.

5. When you are killed, you are not always able to be revived. You could have been head shot or dismembered. It’s also not very clear on the map if teammates have been killed. In Squad the icons would dim somewhat. In PS, they still look the same, though if you are a special role, your role icon in the middle of the arrow will disappear.

Use Sign to spawn vehicle

6. To get a vehicle in PS, you need to walk up to the vehicle sign and use F to spawn it first. When driving, you can drive through fences. There is also a horn by pressing the melee key (Caps lock).

7. Very important change from Squad: you cannot see when a flag is being captured by the enemy, only if it goes neutral. You can see if it is being capped if you are on the flag, but not just by looking at the map. Also, you can see how many tickets the enemy team has left (this is a pretty radical change).

8. When moving through brush you are slowed down. Crawling through brush is very slow. And when you’re out of stamina you can drink from your canteen to recharge.


Overall, I am really enjoying Post Scriptum. It is a nice change from Squad. Both games are fantastic in that they offer more than the regular run-and-gun FPS. There’s actual strategy and tactics possible with all of the deployable items. I like that Sections are limited in what they have access to. The Section breakdown is nice in that Logistics should focus on placing bases or reinforcing objectives. There’s also something to be said about iron site weapons verses everyone having a scope. The main difference I see is that because teams cannot build FOBs on objectives (unlike Squad) that doesn’t seem to be the main strategy everyone tries. Also, all Sections need to be working together.

Things PS doesn’t have that I wish it did: mouth movement when people talk, ability to pop tires, ability to click on people’s names and have their location shown on the map.

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