War Selection – East Asia Mid Game Strategy Guide

This guide contains a balanced, army focused, mid-game strategy for East Asia in War Selection.

Strategy Overview

This strategy focuses on:

  • A nice balance of workers.
  • Ability to amass large armies in seconds for attacking and defending.
  • Minimal base building.
  • Early to Mid game victories.

Stone Age

Build Order

  1. Immediately queue 30 workers and send one worker to build 3 houses.
  2. Assign: 10 workers to food, 30 to wood.
  3. Build 10 houses as you need them.
  4. Optionally: Build 1-2 warehouses.
  5. Build the temple and age up to East Asia ASAP.


  1. Scout: Look for spots to put warehouses, iron nodes, stone nodes, and finally any nearby enemies.
  2. Place your townhall by iron.
  3. If you can’t find iron either place your townhall somewhere else or upgrade your worker’s tools at warehouses and keep looking.

Iron Age


  1. 50-60 workers: 10-15 food, 25-30 wood, 10 iron, 5 builders (placed on resources when not building).
  2. Buildings: Farm, 16 houses total, 5-10 barracks.
  3. Upgrades: Warehouse tools, spear damage, improved armor.
  4. Army: ~15 spearmen more or less as needed.


  1. Scout: More resources, incoming enemy armies, and enemy bases.
  2. Attack: Clear animals from resources you plan to expand to soon; attack enemy bases.
  3. Town Hall Upgrades: Get them as needed; if you scouted properly then it may be more important to get the population upgrade before vision so you can build a bigger army. Same thing applies to future town hall upgrades.
  4. Build Offensive Towers: Send your workers assigned to building to the front-lines to build towers. These give you vision, rob the opponent’s vision, and provide a slight defensive position/decoy.

Middle Ages


  1. 60-65 Workers: 20 food, 20 wood, 20 iron, 5-10 builders.
  2. Buildings: 10 barracks, 19 houses.
  3. Army: 50+ units ready in seconds.

Todo / Notes

  1. Eliminate as many players as possible.
  2. Only samurai or siege units will be able to damage later town halls.
  3. Use your army to kill workers and other buildings if they can’t damage town hall.
  4. Don’t give your enemy a chance to rebuild if they wipe your first army. Spawn another 60 unit doom stack and attack again if you can win.

Industrial Age


  1. Avoid letting enemy players get to the industrial age safely and easily – attack the back lines if you have to.
  2. East Asia loses its strength at this point.
  3. Pray that your teammates who have been sitting in the back doing nothing all game can win now.
Written by Nya

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