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Tangledeep - Late Game Items

Written by Tekvorian   /   Dec 30, 2019    

This guide shall inform and motivate you about late game items that you could aim for.


This guide shall inform and motivate you about late game items that you could aim for.

It includes also items and affixes from the latest Dawn of Dragons expansion. Meaning: higher level items and more affixes than shown in the wiki.


Luminaire, focusing on maximizing Spellshaper class skill damage output.


  • Battlemage: Add weapons power to spirit power.
  • Elemental Fury: 33% chance to "double skill". The target is random but still, it is ~33% more damage output.
  • Flames: +45 power. Some skills use weapon power for their damage. The +45 increases the damage output of these skills.


Brave and Companions: Depend on your play style.


Master Codex, focusing on defense and maximizing Spellshaper class skill damage output.


  • Scholar: using an ability reduces the CD of another by 1.
  • Blasting: Abilities ignore 50% of elemental resistances.


  • Prismatic: gain resistance on all types.
  • Elemental Shielding: +20% elemental resists.


  • Magus: More staff damage. I will replace this though at some point because I rarely use my staff.


Ceremonial Plate, focusing on maximizing defense only.

Note that internally, physical resistance is capped at 75%, even if the stats page shows a higher number. Also note that heavy armor attracts monsters a lot faster than medium and light armor.


  • Bubble: gain a shield at 50% HP. Saved my life many times. Also a highly graphical and sound notification telling you: Heal up. Now!
  • Challenges: Less damage from ALL kinds of champions.
  • Determination: Less damage from summoned creatures.
  • Heavy: +10% physical resist at the cost of -3 CT gain.
  • Impenetrable: -11 physical damage.


Davalimar's Phoenix Pendant, focusing on surviving a deadly hit and increasing basic stats. Can be bought at the Casino (but it probably also drops as loot).


  • Harmonious: +20 Spirit.
  • Concentration: +20 Discipline.
  • Luminous: +20 Energy.


  • Recharging: Regain 3% of max Energy when defeating non-trivial enemies. Note: BAD IDEA to put this rare affix on an item that disappears.
  • Companions: 8% Corral pet damage and defense.

Juggernaut Helm, focusing on damage mitigation, anti-CC and increasing basic stats.


  • Harmonious: +20 Spirit.
  • Luminous: +20 Energy.


  • Warmth: You cannot be Frozen or Chilled. Extremely helpful because you will encounter many enemies that use water skills.


  • Companions (this stacks): 8% Corral pet damage and defense.
  • Loyalty (this does not stack, probably): Corral pet restores 10% of its max Health when you defeat a non-trivial monster.

Written by Tekvorian.

Game:   Tangledeep