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Epic Battle Fantasy 5 - How to Kill Any Enemy or Boss (Epic Difficulty)

Written by FahrerDesPhilips   /   Dec 30, 2019    

This guide will most likely help you to kill any enemy or boss on epic difficulty.

Easy Killing of Any Enemy or Boss on Epic Difficulty

Your Best Friends

You have many best friends in this game. Here they are:

These extremely helpful effects can be classified into 3 Categories:

  • Stop!
  • Die!
  • Live!

These are not official names, I invented them myself.

These are the effects I work with the most. In the further course of the text I will explain each category for better understanding.


In the stop category, we have 3 effects:

  • Stun.
  • Freeze.
  • Invisible and Enchanted.

These effect will help you to stop your enemy from attacking you. If your enemy is not resistant against one of the the stop! effects, it should be quite simple to kill him. You should try to buff yourself with Mag. Def, Def. and auto-heal while your enemy is stop!ed. You may ask yourself “why are Invisible and Enchanted effects stop! effects?”.

The answer is easy.

There are some foes that only attack with physical or magical attacks. When you're fighting against a foe that only attacks with physical attacks and you have the invisible effect on you, you won't take any damage from him.

E.g.: I'm here to make the hitbox larger.


In the Die! Category we have 2 different effects:

  • Virus.
  • Instant Death.

These effects will help you to kill your enemy.

  • If the foe you are fighting against doesn't have 100% instant death resistance, I recommend using the Annihilate limit break.
  • If the foe does have 100% instant death resistance but not 100% Virus resistance, using the Virus effect is strongly recommended, because the Virus effect is very op. The effect doesn't go away and it can affect new/other foes as well. When a foe is infected you'll only have to try to survive and watch your foes die.

Later I will explain to you what you should do if your enemy has 100% instant death and Virus resistance.


In the Live! Category, we have 1 effect and 1 Item:

  • Coffe.
  • Auto-Revive.

Coffee is most probably the item that I use the most.

If you fight any enemy or boss at the epic difficulty, you will die a lot of times. To avoid this you should use the Auto-Revive effect and coffee. Please, don't be economical, be wasteful with your coffee.

Hard Times

It will often be the the case, that you enemy has 100% instant death, 100% Virus, 100% Stun and 100% Frozen resistance. What should you do now?!

There are many possibilities but there is one I like the most.

Try to buff yourself with Auto-Revive, Magical Defence and Defence and just try to survive. When you have the chance, use Limit breaks, but buff your attack or magic attack before you use them.. When you are patient enough, you will kill the enemy with counter attacks and other “Free” attacks. Using equips that increase the strengh of buff skills is very recommended. I'd also recommend to pay attention to the elemental resistances of your enemy and the attacks your enemy uses. Try to come up with a set of equipments that help you the most. If all of your allies have a 100% resistance against the attacks of the enemy, try to equip those things that give you the most attack or magic attack.

Written by FahrerDesPhilips.