Rust – Solo Play Guide

This guide explains how to get a good solo run in Rust.

How to Play Solo


First find a server.

When you get in a server find outpost and build near it, now farm the roads untill you get like 100 scrap and buy some Low grade fuel, now depending on where outpost is that’s how you get you materiels so, if you outpost is near grass you trade wood for stone and if you’re in winter you trade, stone for wood.

Now build a 1×2 (two foundations with a triangle on the end to make an airlock as seen on the picture. Good now you have build you 1×2 (dont copy designs just blueprint) and now its time to get your first gun.

First Gun

Now farm up scrap to 375 (Ik alot look at picture for scrap from each component fuses give 20).

Then buy a double barrel (unless you found one) and reserch it with the extra 125 scrap.

Good now you got your first gun now craft a double barrel with some ammo, and go look for gunshots, when you here gunshots run to them, when you get close start crouching so they can’t hear you, when you get close look for the attackers and see how many of them there are, when you see one of them alone go for the shot, run up to them and attempt to double barrel them in the head, if you die its fine repeat the procces. If you kill him hold H and drag your mouse of the items to loot them quick, pick up them weapon from the ground and, run run run, now you cant go back to outpost or they will shoot you so run to your base and wait some time for outpost, meanwhile go farm to maek a 2×2 (search on internet for a base) good now farm up 250 scrap to reserch the gun. Good know you completed stage 2.



You as a pvper you build near a rad town like (mil tuns,launch site, or near all shots.


You wanna build in the snow near a road, you just wanna live near like (mid tier rad towns (Water treatment, Dome, Trainyard, Airfield, Sewer branch).


You wanna build near the same rad towns as farmers other than you wanna build more center near grass / desert you wanna live near same as farmer and Mining outpost, Gas station, Supermarket.


You still wanna live near outpost and just learn rust at your own pace.

Now to building


You would normaly build a 2×2 honey comb with roof entrace you wanna upgrade all your core to your strongest material.


You wanna wanna have a base like this


You wanna have a base like


You wanna live in a base like

Advanced Loot

If you are new don’t listen to this.

Ok so if you want advanced loot you have to do (mil tuns, Launch site, Oil rig, cargo). So for launch you will need 1-2 full water jugs 2 fuses all key cards.

Mil tuns you wanna go to the middle train getting the elite crates.

Oil rig you need to take it slow meds let (blue red card) .

Remember! Let them push you.

Cargo you wanna clear all the first scientist first before clearing crate then you wanna go unlock the crates, then go to the control tower and camp until they open if you get countered by 3+ take the raheeb in the back and dip.


First of all New players don’t listen to this.

First of all go for 2×2 / 1×2 in the snow away from everything not decaying.

This is almost always profit by now you should have tier 2 so you can make satchels (also with tier 1) but now you need to gear up as much as you can since clans can come counter you so always have an escape route, fx (horse,heli,boat) now always have a door crafted and tc so when you take tc always make an airlock so people can control you raid. When you got the base just make it decay.

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