Rust – Rust Novel Speedrun Guide

Fast walkthrough of Rust Novel prologue.

Guide to Rust Novel Prologue Speedrun

1 – What a Wonderful Day

  • Get up and find your clothes.
  • Choose style you like the most, put it on and leave the house.

2 – Fishing Time

  • Elder will give you first job. After listened instructions, go to the coast immediately.
  • Avoid full of berries sunny slope and continue walking.

  • When you come to seaview, you will see stranger in metal plates. Do not sneaky closer, just return back to tribe and tell Elder about it.

3 – First Hunt

Now Elder trust in you. He will offer weapon, knife or bow and give instructions for hunt mission. Choose knife and walk to Brother’s house.

  • Brother saw your conversation so already prepared. He took a bow.
  • Choose forest location, where many trees.

  • When you will notice a Bear, command your Brother to attack first. Then help him to get that beast.

  • Alright, you did it together. Cut meat and return to tribe.

  • Say Elder what you did all job and go home. Avoid Brother’s offer to do massage for you and enter your home. Lay down and sleep.

4 – Night Light

  • Wake up. Rush to the door and open it. After flash you will see tree, road and a wolf near.
  • Jump far away from that tree and run. Look back and forward. Believe in yourself and take a step.

5 – Day of Lost

  • Get up. Check all houses to understand what happened here and where’s everyone.
  • Take the Axe and go to seaview by grass trail.

  • Chop some wood and craft wooden armor. It will help you not drown.
  • Start paddling. You will feel cold but continue do it until you will get another island.

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