Rust – Complete Achievements Guide (Sunburn DLC)

Rust Summer DLC achievements guide.

How to Obtain All Achievements in Sunburn DLC


I mean, this is pretty self explanatory isn’t it? By the way you can get the achievements even if you do not own the DLC (of course you need someone who owns it to get the get achievements…or just steal their stuff perhaps).

So here we go.

Cool Kids Club

Be in a team where every team member is riding a Boogie Board or Inner Tube (minimum 4 members).

  • Probably the hardest one, especially if you are used to play solo or you don’t have many friends, pretty straightforward tho…just craft (or get) boogie boards and/or inner tubes (one for each person) and board them in a pool/lake/sea, you have to be in a team of minimum 4 people and do it together, easy eh?


Take a photo of another player.

  • Another one that is pretty straightforward, just craft a camera and take a picture of another player. In case it doesn’t work try doing it with a new camera and/or during the day.

Sunglasses At Night

Equip a pair of sunglasses after the sun goes down.

  • Just wait for the night time to arrive and wear those beauties. Also this is a secret achievement


Splash another player with a Water Pistol while that player is irradiated.

  • Just get somebody to take some radiations (naked at any monuments for example) and then splash them with your water gun, not the soaker. If it doesn’t work let them get more rads and try splashing them again a few times


Soak another player above the damage threshold using a water gun.

  • Things are getting tricky here (nah, just kidding lol), just get someone to be wet over 70% (pool/lake/rivers/sea/whatever) and spray them with your super soaker until you get the achievement.
  • If it doesn’t work at first try let them have a soaker equipped aswell.


Get a kill using a water gun.

  • Spray somebody with your super soaker until they die, works better if they are naked.
  • Little tip: you can get the “No Pressure” achievement along with this one, I will explain how in the next section.

No Pressure

Get a kill with a super soaker pumped at the lowest pressure.

  • Easy one, if you know how to trigger it: reload your super soaker with “R” just one time, then shoot…reaload one time and shoot, until they die.
  • If done correctly you can get both this and the “Liquidator” achievements at the same time.
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