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Human: Fall Flat - Steam Walkthrough Guide

Written by snayck06   /   Jan 9, 2020    

Complete Steam Walkthrough

Steam: First Two Doors

First, move the ramp all the way to the left. Climb down. Move the other ramp so the can goes next to the big wall. If you fail, press, load checkpoint. Climb into the room on the left with the can. Turn the knob to open the door. Get the pipe and connect it to the open gap in the pipes in the other room.

Remember that the thicker end should be on the right. On the left, take the loose pipe and connect it on the other opening. Climb up and open the other knob to open the other door.

Getting the Third Pipe

Go on the wall to the left and jump and grab the small part of the ramp. Make the pipe fall down and connect it. Turn the level so the platform is about halfway up and jump up.

Fire Coals

Swing on the ramp and go to the right to go back. Now the ramp is closer. Move it to the right. Jump to the room near the fireplace. Remove all the planks blocking the door. Take one of them and light it on fire. Bring the fire stick to the other surface. Open the door and light the coals on fire. Swing back to the other one and turn the knob to go in.

Locked Room

This part may be the hardest. First grab on the red board to make a bridge. Go back and jump up the stones. This is the hard part: Staying on the thick tube to go on the other side. Climb up the blue wall. Take away the tube on the right. Replace it with a curved one. Remove the pipe to close the door. Knock down both towers in the other room. Bring both tubes in the other room. Take the one with three ends and connect it to the one on the left, so the extra hole is on the left. Then connect it with the other tube. Connect the extra holes with the curved tubes. Turn the knob and open the other door.

The Last Room

First, remove the loose pipe. Then go across the red boards and get the long tube, so you can connect the gap. Break the glass with one of the large cans. Move the red board so you can climb up it. If it falls down, put it in the void to reset. Go up into the room that controls the crane. Move it to the left until you can go to the place with the large red cans. Jump out and go to the place with the big red cans. Go sown and move the ramp the other way. Go up and swing across with the ramp and take the curved tube down. Take the long piece from one of the tubes and put on the one in the middle. Go up the wheel. Get the piece that connects to four tubes. Take away the long tube. Connect the curved piece to the one that isn't pointed to the center and connect them all with the largest tube. Fall in the hole in the tower the wheel broke and then the level is over.

Written by snayck06.