Human: Fall Flat – New Port Achievements Guide

A guide of 3 new achievements in Port.

How to Obtain All New Port Achievements

Spring Cleaning

  • Clear out the room directly after the zipline in Port.

You can find a room with many things after using the zip line with a hook.

Remove all furniture through the window.

If you drop it into water, it will respawn in the room so be careful.

A Call for Aid

  • Light the beacons in Port.

You can find a torch after the part of the rolling barrels.

Go up spiral stairs and set fire to wood.

Barrel of Laughs

  • Complete Port.

Just complete the level.


At first, there was another achievement which required us to reach a secret island but it was removed while I was playing and seeking the way to complete it.

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  1. Spring Cleaning seems to not be working. Nothing respawned in the room, and I don’t see anything else to take out.

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