7 Days to Die – 100% Achievement Walkthrough Guide

A walkthrough for completing all achievements on 7 Days to Die.

How to Obtain All Achievements


7 Days to Die is a game that allows the player to enter the shoes of a survivor in a post-apocalypse world. One of the features of this game is the achievements that can be obtained throughout gameplay. This guide focuses specifically on obtaining these achievements. If your goal is to casually obtain achievements throughout regular gameplay, then this is not the guide for you.

The first thing to do is start the game and click “New Game.” You will then create a Game Name with “Zehayu Territory” as the Game World. World size should be 4096 x 4096 (these are all optional). In the General Tab, server visibility should be set to public and a game password should be created in order to prevent unauthorized connections. Max players should be 16. (Again, these are all optional).

In the Basic Tab, difficulty settings should be set to “Scavenger” to reduce effects of the environment on your persons. 24 hour cycle is set to “120 minutes” and daylight length to “18.” Blood moon frequency and warning should both be set to “Disabled.” Zombie speeds should be set to “Walk,” persisten profiles to “On,” and XP multiplier to “300%.”

In the Advanced Tab, player block damage should be set to “300%.” AI block damage and AI Blood Moon Block Damage should both be set to “25%.” Loot Abundance should be set to “25%.” Loot respawn time should be “Disabled.” Nothing should drop on death or on quit. Blood moon count should be set to “4 Enemies.” Enemy spawning should be set to “Off.” Air drops, cheat mode, and mark air drops should all be “Disabled.”

The Multiplayer tab is unimportant and will serve no purpose in the guide.

When you first enter the game, click F1 on your PC keyboard. This will bring up the admin console that allows adjustment to many features within the game. In the console, you will type “cm” without the ” ” and click enter. This will turn on creative mode, which allows you to spawn any possible item within the game. You will also type “dm” without the ” ” and click enter. This will turn on debug mode, which allows you to do things like fly and adjust certain in-game mechanisms.

Click F1 on your keyboard to exit the admin console. Click U on your keyboard to enter the creative menu. From here, you can gather as many items as you think you will need. Below is a picture of the things you will need to complete all the achievements within the game.

You will need:

  • 12,000 wood.
  • 6,000 plant fibers.
  • 6,000 small stones.
  • Land Claim Block.
  • Auger.
  • 20,000 gas .
  • 10 red tea.
  • .44 Magnum.
  • 150 .44 Magnum Ammo.
  • 1,000 bedrock (You will need to click on Dev Blocks icon in creative menu to display this item).
  • 40 Meat Stew.
  • 40 Yucca Juice.
  • 2 Rocket Launchers.
  • 120 Rockets (Ammo).

When you are done gathering these items from the creative menu, click U on your keyboard to close the menu (If it doesn’t work, double check to make sure you’re not typing in the search bar in the menu).

Before you move onto the next section, make sure to turn off creative mode and debug mode through the admin console (F1) by typing “cm” and “dm” respectively and without the ” “.

Cause He’s the Ax Man

This achievement is pretty straightforward: Craft your first stone axe by entering the crafting menu.

Good in the Sack

Again, this is pretty straightforward. Create a bedroll using the crafting menu.

Handy Man

This is also pretty straightforward. Craft a wood frame block using the crafting menu.

The Homestead Act

Simply place the Land Claim Block anywhere in your immediate location.

Alexander Bell, Benjamin Franklin, Henry Ford, and Thomas Edison

These achievements are easy to obtain. Enter the crafting menu and create 5000 wood frame blocks. You can set the number to 5000 and the character will automatically craft everything. Keep in mind this will take approximately 41:40 minutes. It may be helpful to keep an eye on hunger and thirst levels.

Evil Knievel

For this achievement, you will need to stack the wood block frames you created 20 blocks high by jumping and placing them right underneath yourself before you land. You will then jump off this column and “hopefully” break your leg, earning you the “Evil Knievel” achievement.

On Top of the World

Using the 20 blocks from the previous achievement, open the admin console (F1) and type “dm” without the ” “. Then click H on your keyboard. This will turn on flight mode. You can then position yourself over the 20 wood frame blocks you already stacked. Make sure to turn off debug mode before continuing to place more wood frame blocks. You should unlock this achievement when you hit the ceiling of the world.

Bite the dust, Knock em Dead, Your Number’s Up, and Meet Your Maker

For this set of achievements, you will need to commit suicide repeatedly. You will need to build a column of blocks about 50 wood frame blocks high. At the top, you will add a wood frame block to the column in order to make a two-tile surface for a bedroll. This will act as a “spawn point” so that you may repeatedly jump off the column. Unfortunately, this game mode does not automatically spawn you on the bed, therefore it will require clicking on the “Spawn on my bed” prompt after you die. The best method I found was to gather a stack of quarters and place them on the W button. This will force the character to run forward. When you die, rest the cursor on the “Spawn on my bed” prompt and lift the mouse off the surface. Keep the bottom of the mouse facing upright and just spam click the mouse as you watch TV or movies. Another method is to use an automatic third party program that will automatically click the prompt for you. However, this will require caution on your part when downloading untrustworthy programs. When you have completed this set of achievements, you will want to avoid dying in the future so you can progress towards the “Nearly Immortal” achievement. But if you do, don’t fret. The “Neil Armstrong” achievement takes a long time to complete and the “Nearly Immortal” will pop before then.

Dig Deep

For this achievement, you will use the auger and drill straight down into the earth until you hit bedrock.

Playing Doctor

This achievement is easy enough. You must be attacked by zombie to the point where you are sent into a critical condition. Using the admin console (F1), turn on debug mode by typing “dm” without the ” ” and hitting enter. Close the admin console and click F6. This will open a spawn gump which will allow you to spawn specific animals. For this achievement, just spawn a regular zombie, turn off debug mode, and have it hit you until you are in critical condition. Then immediately kill this zombie and proceed to use first aid on yourself.

Alive and Kicking, Fit as a Fiddle, Healthy as a Horse, and The Picture of Good Health

This set of achievement requires very little work. All you do is open the admin console and type “giveselfxp 9999999999″ without the ” ” and your character will be given a ton of xp. This xp can then be used to improve your character’s fortitude level.

The Grave Digger, The Embalmer, The Mortician, and The Funeral Director

This set of achievements will take a while to obtain. Using the bedrock, you will build a 10 by 10 pen with a foundation two layers thick. This bedrock is indestructible to rocket launchers. The reason we build it two layers thick is because the rocket launcher can damage the dirt underneath (a bug that has not yet been fixed). To spawn the zombies, you will need to open the admin console (F1) and turn on debug mode (type “dm” without the ” “). You can then click F6 for the spawn gump. Luckily, this alpha allows an option to spawn 25 at a time. When you click a zombie type, the zombies will spawn exactly where your character is looking, so don’t look down at your feet! Also, be sure to deactivate debug mode before killing zombies so everything counts!

Dirty Larry

This achievement is pretty straightforward. Kill 44 zombies using a .44 Magnum. You can spawn zombies by activating debug mode in the admin console (F1) and clicking F6. Use the pen you made in the last section to keep them contained. Make sure to deactivate debug mode after spawning zombies so everything counts!

Scavenger, Adventurer, Nomad, Warrior, and Survivalist

By the end of the last achievement section, this achievement may or may not have popped. If it hasn’t, open up the admin console and type “settime 9999999999″ without the ” “. This will give you 300 extra game stage levels. Additionally, every zombie kill is worth 1 point and every death subtracts 5 points.

Christopher Columbus, Ferdinand Magellan, Marco Polo, and Neil Armstrong

This is probably the longest set of achievements you will ever do as it will require an excessive amount of traveling. Using the 10 by 10 pen you made in the previous achievement section, place a minibike inside it. Fill your backpack with gas cans, food, and water. Fill up your minibike and hop on. With three stacks of quarters, place each stack on your D (or A depending on if you’re going clockwise or counter-clockwise), W, and shift keys. Your character will drive the minibike in a circular fashion with shift for speed. The reason we make a pen is to prevent the minibike from ending up somewhere unknown (the minibike unfortunately does not drive in a perfect circle). The walls push the minibike back into your preferred path.

Brush with Death, Near Death Experience, Cheated Death, and Nearly Immortal

This achievement will pop while you are doing the Neil Armstrong achievement (that is, if you dont die). Death will reset the timer. The best thing to do is to place yourself in the pen you built with food and water. After that, it’s simply a waiting game.

Reverting to Alpha 15.2

In this section, you will now have to revert to alpha 15.2 in order to obtain the remaining achievements. In order to do this, you must right click on 7 Days to Die in your library and click “Properties.”

Open the tab labeled “Betas” and select “alpha15.2 – Alpha 15.2 Stable” from the drop down menu. This will then proceed to download the older beta version.

Start a new game and remember to turn off enemy spawning as well as setting a password to avoid unauthorized connections.

The Polar Bare Club

This achievement can be a little difficult due to the challenge of reaching 0 degrees F while being completely naked. This will require you to revert the 7 Days to Die to Alpha 15.2 and create a new game (Unfortunately the latest alphas are not primed for this achievement). I find it best to travel to the snowy region with a pond and a nearby mountain. You should be carrying a full stack of wood frame blocks, a cowboy hat, and a leather poncho. While completely naked, equip the cowboy hat and leather poncho. Enter the pond and stay in it until you are 100% wet. Drink the red tea and then immediately take off the cowboy hat and leather poncho while heading up a nearby mountain. You will then build a wood frame block column upward until you obtain the achievement. This may take a few tries or different methods for success. There has been mentions of alpha 16.4 working for “The polar bare club” achievement as well.

Napoleon, Julius Caesar, Genghis Khan, and Alexander the Great

For this set of achievements, you will need to kill other “players.” Fortunately, killing bandits will count towards this achievement. Simply build a small prison using bedrock. Bedrock is indestructible and is unaffected by rocket launchers. It is recommended to build the foundation two layers thick to prevent damage below the foundation (Yes, for some reason the rocket launcher can destroy the dirt below the bedrock here as well).

Then you can spawn bandits and shoot them with a rocket launcher. Don’t forget to disable debug mode and creative mode before you kill the bandits. This is will allow the kills to register.

Respawn more bandits by turning debug mode back on. Repeat and rinse.

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  1. i Got the polar bear club one without doing any reversion to an alpha game. didn’t build a pillar either. I forget exactly what I did, but I think i had a firepit, red tea, cold clothes, and a snowy pond…and maybe some healing supplies. If i remember right, i died my first try. then, made some changes like the fire pit and healing so i could get it (cooled down repeatedly while using the fire pit and healing items to keep from dieing or something).

  2. Just wanted to add, it may be easier to mass suicide without having to stack quarters on ‘W’ and using a macro to click.

    If you set the zombies to be as hard as possible, raise your gamestage like crazy, prevent inventory from dropping, 10min days, and blood moons every night; you can essentially afk and continue dying.

    The good thing is that if you never put a bedroll down, it doesn’t come up with the prompt asking where to spawn. If you die without a bed you simply respawn. I am on a Nitrogen map that only has 1 spawn point (Co-Op setting, helps find newcomers). Since I knew where I’d be spawning no matter what I added a ton of burning barrels right next to it.

    As I type this I’ve probably died 10+ times without having to do anything. If you can find a way to repeatedly die without needing a bed, you can actually just afk.

  3. If you can’t use nitrogen for whatever reason, I’d imagine 10min days + blood moon every night will still work, but it’ll take longer since you’ll be spawning in random places. I think this method is better because while it may take slightly longer, there’s no player action required. You can watch YT or play something else and eventually you’ll get the achievement automatically.

  4. It’s obvious that nobody is going to legitimately kill 100 players. I’ve seen polls on reddit where 80%+ of the player-base claim they play strictly Co-Op. That means in-order to get the pvp achievements, you’d have to ‘cheat’ anyway.

    How is dying 500 times a sense of accomplishment? Killing your friend over and over wouldn’t be fun either.

    Some achievements make sense and are easy to get yourself, but it’s not even possible to get gamestage 1000 on normal difficulty.

    Not every achievement has a well thought-out method to achieve them. A lot of the time it’s just filler for doing random stuff and it’s pretty apparent that’s what TFP did.

    I enjoy the game and want to show off the achievements, nobody is going to know I followed this guide to get them, and even if they did, who cares. I’d feel more like an idiot actually killing myself 500 times to feel “accomplishment” than just cheesing it.

  5. Thanks for the guide! I’m a completionist at heart, so knowing that you can get the ‘kill other players’ achivement from doing this method above is amazing to know!

  6. takes a special kind of moron to say “I don’t want to use the debug menu” in an achievement guide. Hopefully you’re a kid, because otherwise you’re a moron.

  7. Great guide, it definitely helped me a lot! The only achievement that I had a lot of issues with was the Polar Bare Club.

    However, I found that the most consistent way to obtain it was to:
    1. Find a snow biome.
    2. Build a 1×1 tower of blocks (I used bedrock) straight to the max world height.
    3. Extend the tower horizontally at the top to create a pool and fill it with water blocks.
    4. Turn off creative and debug mode.
    5. Submerge your character completely in the water, while naked. Just a note, I am not sure if the time being night made a difference but that was when my achievement popped.

  8. To get gamestage 1000 for Survivalist, I initially could not find a way in Alpha 19.5. The highest I could get was 720. What I ended up doing was changing the config files to edit the gamestage formula. In your 7Days folder for steam, go to 7DaysToDie/Data/Config. In there is a file called gamestages.xml. This explains how gamestage works and is calculated, but most importantly includes some variable we can change. The only one we need to modify is on line 110 which read, ” difficultyBonus=”1.2″ ” Changing the number in the parentheses to higher number like “50.0” will immediately increase the gamestage dramatically when you load into the game. Once you load in and the achievement pops, you can close back out and change the config file back to “1.2”

  9. Needs to be the previous game version, it’ll say it in the spawner menu if you’re using the right version. Go back to “Reverting to Alpha 15.2” and follow the guide from there.

  10. Great Guide! For Anyone wondering: For Neil Armstrong you can just use cheat engine, just select 7d2d in CE, check on steam what your progress is on the achievement and search for that value as a float, set it to 999.999 walk 1 meter and youll get it

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