Friday the 13th: The Game – High Level Jason Guide

In This guide, I will be doing a small walkthrough of how to be an effective Jason, and to not get bullied by the survivors, I am noticing there is a wide variety fo Survival guides being pushed out for the game, so I’ve decided to make a High Level Jason guide, to try and increase the amount of fun that is had in terms of competition(Not overly competitive) but a actual challenge to escape, I got sick of watching Jason’s get stunned 16 times by the same old tricks! So sit back, relax, and take notes. Hope you enjoy the read!

Counselors, this guide is as much for you as it is for Jason, educate yourself on what he is capable of, and use the information to devise your own counter stratagem!

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Ability Overview

This will be a quick overview of your abilities, the order they unlock, and their uses.


Your First ability, it allows you to teleport across the map with inaccuracy, placing you near the position of your choice, but not necessarily on it, sometimes you are closer, or farther away from the location you chose. This ability is best used for pressuring objectives, zooming to trapped survivors, and sometimes even intercepting a fleeing survivor. However, Morph should be used with care, as messing it up and misusing it will lose you kills, and allow counselors to escape.

If you are too aggressive with your morph, and you use it, counselors now have X time to do what they need to elsewhere on the map that isn’t within shifting range of you. Where X is Morph’s cooldown time, which varies dependent on which part of Jason you play. Missing or Misusing morph can easily allow a vehicle to escape with little to no contest from your end.

If you are to use morph to intercept a vehicle, morph far ahead of its path, and even use stalk if you have to, that way the music is not indicating you are once again close, and it may allow you to sneak onto the vehicle and stop it. With the boat, it can only go one way, and that means you can zoom to the exit, and close in on the boat like a shark, no matter which Jason you’re playing.

Always consider what survivors around you might have, and what they might be plotting if you have to morph away to contest another objective, you might be right back where you were soon enough.


Your second ability. Contrary to popular belief, sense doesn’t just magically identify counselors across the map, and allow Jason to teleport straight to you. (This is really only the case in rage mode, but I will cover this later.) Sense allows him to sense fear, which is what will highlight your character in red. Characters with less fear have a lower chance of being sensed, and is much harder for Jason to pinpoint of going off sound alone.

If your sense doesn’t pick up anything noteworthy, toggle it off, and spare the cooldown so you can use it again after a short delay (I.E The time it takes you to go somewhere else.)

Sense is not a ‘Lel I find everyone’ method until 10 minutes pass, you can still miss survivors quite easily, even if they’re inside buildings, outdoor camping tents, and if they just aren’t making enough noise for you to sense.


The most controversial ability in the game, you will unlock this third, and once you do, the game enters mid game, which is where it is much easier for you to secure kills if you use shift correctly. You should not use shift to cover map ground to pressure an objective unless its an absolute emergency.

This ability is best used to chase survivors that are running from you, but coming out of it can be tricky, as well as steering, be careful and avoid obstacles, as they will waste your shift time, and cost you valuable distance. Shift + Grab is a powerful tool when used properly, targetting survivors whom know how to combat standard shift and grab can be tricky sometimes, you just have to be tricky back. Instead of emerging from shift and grabbing as soon as you get close, try to get ahead of the survivor if you have time, or perhaps come at an angle that makes Zig zagging more of a straight line. Securing kills with every shift is necessary, as wasting it costs you valuable time, and makes you look like a noob. Shift grabbing and getting pocket knifed is far from a wasted opportunity, thats one less trap able to be disarmed, and one less pocket knife on the map.

Using grab off shift is useful for killing counselors whom run thick skin, as they are tough to kill in Melee, however, if these characters are carrying pocket knives, they are a nuisance no matter what method you choose, but ultimately, proper combat stance melee will slay them quickly with their cocky attitude. Their weapon will break before they make any real progress on you. Attacking off of a shift can be more reliable sometimes, as it can at least get you a hit in some cases.


An excellent complimentary ability to your morph and shift, this ability mutes your music so survivors can only tell your location by the noise you make. It allows you to make your warping unpredictable, and force mistakes by survivors. Stalk can be activated mid shift, and pre morph and can be toggled off early for a quicker recharge.

Stalk can also be used creatively to get intelligence from unsuspecting counselors, which may allow you to hunt other counselors whom are achieving progress, be careful you aren’t fed false information, and if you do, be sure to know how to identify it based on the realism of the situation.

Stalk is also useful for surprising unaware counselors, just popping up, and grabbing them will catch most off guard when using shift + stalk. No music will warn them you are coming until they are in your grasp already, or you get a nice hefty couple hits in.

Rage Mode

This ability unlocks based on a number of factors, how much you’ve been hit (Build up is the same even if you block.), how much time has passed, and how much you’ve been stunned in general. This may warrant you to prolong encounters with survivors who dare to fight you hand to hand, especially if they have a wrench or another high durability weapon. Just for the sake of entering rage mode faster!

Your Morph’s charge time is reduced severely, allowing you to pressure objectives more often.
Your Sense can pick up people MUCH easier with MUCH lower fear levels, allowing you to find counselors to kill.
Shift lasts slightly longer (needs testing), and cools down faster.
Stalk gets a recharge rate %

In addition to all these wonderful traits, Jason can now instantly break down any door or wall by simply pressing E. While incredibly useful, it will put you in a properly placed beartrap if one is present right behind the door.

The less objective work is done by the time you enter rage mode, the easier your hunting will be, survivors will be running, as your sense will constantly detect them, you can apply constant safe pressure if your objectives are barely pushed. No house, lodge, or location can truly keep them safe if you use your abilities correctly.

Friday the 13th: The Game - High Level Jason Guide

Finding the Jason That’s Right For You

For the Sake of Simplicity, I will not be going over the Tom Savini Jason, as not everyone has it, I will go over what is available for everyone. The Order of Jasons will be in the order in which they appear in the jason selection screen.

Part 3 (Hatchet Jason)


  • Can Run
  • Weapon Strength
  • Grip Strength


  • Stun Resistance
  • Sense
  • Stalk

Part 3 Jason is overall a great starter Jason, and has a good balance of abilities that are great for getting into the Jason scene, his versatility and lack of weaknesses in his morph and shift ability allow him to be very versatile. In the hands of an experienced player, his stun resistance weakness is often nullified through use of blocking and smart, tactical play. He also has 5 traps, which is enough to place one trap at each battery, each gas placement, and the phone box. Of course trapping the boat on some maps can be a pain, as you can’t place traps on the dock/pier.

He has an easier time chasing down survivors, and can easily cut down people whom have pocket knives daring you to grab them to buy time. Grip strength is good for scoring extra EXP through environmental kills.

Part 7 (Machete Jason)


  • Water Speed
  • Grip Strength
  • Sense


  • Shift
  • Can’t Run
  • Traps

Overall Part 7 Jason is pretty weak, his kit is very meh, and I don’t reccomend playing as it unless you’re just playing to have a good time. His strengths aren’t very useful, water speed is only needed to stop the boat, and even then, as long as you morph ahead of the boats path, you can stop it even with Jasons whom have Water speed as a weakness. Grip strength scores you some style points, and sense range and recharge is okay, but the lack of speed, average morph cooldown, and slow shift cooldown, this Jason can have a destrimentally hard time pursuing, and killing survivors. In addition to having only 3 traps, he has a hard time pressuring objectives.

Part 2 (Pickaxe and Sack head)


  • Can Run
  • Traps
  • Morph


  • Shift
  • Water Speed
  • Defense

Overall Part 2 is a top tier Jason in my opinion, he starts with 7 traps, can morph at a very low cooldown, and can chase down survivors. He can place high pressure on any objective almost at will. He is easily one of the most dangerous Jason’s in the game due to this, simply because he seems like he’s everywhere at the same time.

His weaknesses aren’t too terrible, a longer shift cooldown is easily made up for by more precise shifts, and more meaningful ones. Water speed is neglible, and the defense weakness he has can be mostly nullified by smart play. I.E Blocking, etc.

Part 6 (Spear Jason)


  • Throwing Knives
  • Sense
  • Shift


  • Defense 
  • Can’t Run
  • Morph

This Jason isn’t bad either, but being able to have several throwing knives at the start of the game can be really strong for getting early councilor kills, sense is once again a pretty meh strength, however, + in shift is awesome, it allows you to be a bit more reckless in your pursuit of survivors, and accrue quick kills once you unlock shift.

Low defense can be mitigated by good play, the ability to not run can make some chases persist longer than they should, and the ability to not morph quickly can cost you clutch stops on objectives such as escaping cars and boats, missing a morph will cost you dearly, especially if the survivors push multiple traps at once.

Part 8 Jason (Fire Axe Jason)


  • Destruction
  • Shift 
  • Water Speed


  • Morph
  • Can’t Run
  • Sense

Overall this Jason can be very strong, especially when using the advanced techniques discussed later in this guide, his ability to break down doors quickly and efficiently can be very beneficial. The ability to shift rapidly is also helpful for guaranteeing early kills once you unlock shift as well. Water speed is relatively irrelevant, but it can be useful.

The weaknesses here are similar to the ones of part 6, however, sense range reduction isn’t all that terrible once you enter rage mode. Morphing being slower can jeopordize you if you miss your opportunities, it also means high pressure on multiple objectives can really hurt your ability to stop counselors from escaping.

Part 9 (Battle Axe Jason)


  • Stun Resistance
  • Stalk
  • Shift


  • Can’t Run
  • Lower Hit Points
  • Traps 

This jason is pretty decent all around, high stun resistance makes him harder to bully by the high strength characters, and his low cooldowns on stalk and shift allow you to combine the two frequently for unsuspected ninja kills.

Weaknesses can be destrimental at times, lower top end speed lets you get kited easier, and lower hit points can be nullified by smart play. Having less traps means you need to apply more pressure personally. Which isn’t a bad thing, as you can secure some easy kills from councelor’s thinking

This all boils down to preference, after all.

Friday the 13th: The Game - High Level Jason Guide

Essential Knowledge

This section covers all of the need to knows of every Jason Player, in here, is what you should read, should you choose to read absolutely nothing else. What I am about to tell you will change your playstyle, your performance will increase, and you will harvest more counselor blood and tears.


YES, Jason can enter combat stance, and can block with the right mouse button, and attack with the left.

What are the benefits of Combat stance you say? Let me give you the list.

  • You can block Flare guns.
  • You can Block Fire crackers. 
  • You can block all forms of melee, reducing their stun chances CRITICALLY, making 1v1s impossible for even characters like Bugzy, their weapon will break before they do any real damage to you. (You can enter rage mode QUICKLY from prolonging engagements with high durability weapons). 
  • You can break down doors faster by entering combat stance to strike a door. (EVEN Faster as part 8) This also means you can block as soon as you break a door down, meaning counselor’s hiding behind doors to try and get a cheeky stun on you will get countered, and destroyed. 
  • Breaking windows is way easier. 
  • You can walk through bare traps while blocking and IGNORE THEM. 
  • You can pass any corner of a doorway safely while blocking, you will auto lock on to people camping a doorway, and you will block/destroy them. 
  • Unrelated to Combat stance, you can activate stalk in the midst of shifting. 
  • You can press M to view a map at any time, you don’t have to have morph off cooldown, useful for keeping eyes on teh boat, as the boat makes no noise once started.

The only con to combat stance is you can’t grab while you’re in it, however, effective strategies are block/counter, or even block/unlock/grab. However, if a character is bold enough to confront you in melee alone, they likely have a pocket knife, so hack away! Non Strenght based counselors will only fight you as a last resort, use this to your knowledge advantage when pursuing them. If you think someone has a knife, don’t feel like a♥♥♥♥♥♥for hacking them down regular attacks.

The Shotgun is the only guaranteed stun in this game if it hits you. Blocking or not, you can use this to your advantage, and try to juke shotgunners, zig zag, walk unpredictably, if they miss, they’re dead. Also, use shift and morph to try and bait the shot, if you shift, you are immune to stuns in the initial frames of shifting, and can even get a cheeky grab kill on those committing too much to aiming for where you pop up.

How to Counter Each Vehicular Escape

For Cars, all you need to do is place yourselfon the front or back of the car, dependent on what direction they are going, if they are going in the direction you are in, you will stop the car. Advanced players will try to juke you with lefts and rights, and even go forwards and backwards to get you to mess up, use shift to shift into the rear of the car, or the front respectively, use stalk while shifting for extra surprise, and to not allow your music to telegraph which end of the car you’re going to.

The boat is easy, just morph in water ahead of where the boat as to go, flip it, and drown people, the boat is way easier to stop, however, it doesn’t make an ignition noise, meaning you won’t hear it start, so check your map regularly (Even when not using morph)

Counselor Provided Intelligence

If you are within a game full of microphone enabled counselors, use this to your advantage, use stalk to mute your music, so that you can gain intelligence on what is being done, and what needs to be done. Who has what, where are they.

This can be risky, however, as counselors can feed you false(Sometimes even true) information to lead you away from them. Throwing their team mates under the bus. (Or just flat out lying to you) in order to live a few minutes longer. If you are an aware Jason, bluffs will not fool you unless there is reasonable doubt.

Hunting Tips

If you are hunting counselors, there are a few factors to keep in mind.

  • You have to lead longer range throwing knife throws, making zig zaggers very hard to hit. 
  • When breaking into a cabin, and you suspect there is more than one counselor, make sure you see them all leave, one could have hidden to fool you into thinking there was only one. 
  • If you think a set of cabins will be high traffic, break the doors before they are barricaded, it is much faster. 
  • Use that noggin of yours, no need to sense when you know they are in the house, if you feel the need to break windows, before you break the door down, activate sense so you know when they leave, or if they leave, and always be aware of ALL escape routes, sometimes they’ll tank the damage from a broken window, or just leave out the other door way. 
  • Be mindful, if you juke a survivor into ‘jumping through a window’, you can shift to them and get an easy kill most of the time, unless they have a pocket knife. 
  • Survivors fighting you head to head likely have a pocket knife, melee attack away, and block as necessary. 
  • Unless you’re playing a Jason with + Traps, don’t use more than 2 traps on windows that you REALLY want to guarantee a kill from, if they don’t get you a kill, they are wasted, but the ideal number of traps is 3 minimum, 1 for each battery, and 1 for the phone box. 
  • While trapping objectives, remember where you have to stand to put the part in, and trap where the counselor is forced to stand. Your right side of car hoods is where the battery goes in. And the gas panel is on the passenger side. 

This is misc, but if you are playing to win everytime you play as Jason, feel free to assign an assortment of grab kills based on speed or flare, the head punch is the fastest kill in the game, and will allow you to pressure an objective someone might be trying to repair while you kill someone, making them your next decapitation!

Friday the 13th: The Game - High Level Jason Guide

Preparation / The Early Game

While in the match lobby, examine what counselors you’ll be up against, is their party consistent of strength characters determined to kill you? Harass you? Outrun you? Or are they a full stealth build aiming to get out before you notice their presence. Listen to lobby and in game chat as well, use credible intelligence to your advantage before the game ever starts.

Now that you’ve discovered you’re Jason, first, always pick up the two throwing knives, unless you’re part 6 Jason. They can be useful in securing very early kills before you have shift. Your first morph should always be to the phone box, as you can trap it early, and prevent an early police calling that results in a pre-rage/stalk escape. And if you’re quick enough, you might even be able to secure an early kill. Two hits with the throwing knives will slow someone down enough to easily run them down and kill them.

After your trip to the phone, visit the cars/boat next, as they will be your next traps/pressures. Now that you’ve placed necessary wards for lone survivors, now you can start hunting for kills, don’t ignore any throwing knives unless a kill is easily achieved. Accurate throwing knives will lead to easy kills early on survivors, unless they are running thick skin, or already have first aid spray. Your goal is to kill as many survivors as possible, while defending objectives, before you acquire shift, apply necessary pressure when needed. Don’t spend your entire early game chasing Bugzy, Vanessa, Or any high speed/high stamina character. They can’t repair anything efficiently without (usually) warning you. Target AJs, KImberlys, Lachapas, etc. The first minutes are precious as they can often decide the outcome of the game based on how much progress you’ve made before you get shift.

If there’s evidence this is one of those ‘kill Jason’ lobbies, full of people determined to kill you, then hope you pop up next to Tommy Jarvis’s radio network, and kill the power for that building grid, and you deny Tommy Jarvis until they fix the generator, which you can also trap. If they can’t call Tommy, they can’t kill you. Keep in mind too, you should trap your Cabin door if you have reason to suspect the counselor’s will go there. It is important to note that you should attack them BEFORE they trip your trap if possible, to force them in a pickle where they don’t even have your sweater, or the hatchet thats inside, if you block correctly, and force them to hit each other or break their weapons, they become sheep. ANd will scatter, or die. Never go for grabs in these group fights, its a bad idea. You will get stunned, demasked, and killed. Even thick skinned survivors can’t outlast a Jason whom defends himself properly. However, if the situation ever gets TOO hairy, you can always morph out.

If they already have your sweater, and tommy hasn’t arrived yet apply pressure to the sweater wearer, chop that ♥♥♥♥♥ down, force her to use it, don’t grab her she’s got a pocket knife. Slap her until she drops or uses your sweater, defend yourself properly and you’ll nullify their only means of killing you. The more resources they dedicate to your defeat, only to fail, the better.


This is where play gets interesting, as you have shift, sense, and morph, a lot of the tools you need to make kills happen, once again, continue to target the stealth/repair characters, if there are none left, now you start pursuing the annoying, high speed, high stamina characters. They can’t repair quickly, and unless an objective is already ready for them, fat chance they’ll fix it without your knowledge.

It is your choice what you do with your shift, bare in mind, roughly 5 minutes have passed, and that means a lot of looting has been done, people are bound to have pocket knives and first aid. Your traps can consume pocket knives, and so can early aggression on early knives that are found.


You should continued to apply pressure as needed to objectives you suspect are being pushed, because if you give the counselors free reign of the situation, they will eventually solve the puzzle, whether they decide to multi push objectives to trigger multiple traps, or to just gather a party and overwhelm you once you arrive. Time is always the key, the more time an objective is left alone, the more plotting is done for it. Always keep this in mind, Jason’s arrival often foils plans in the making, and will get you easy kills, and keep you swell on the clock.

If multiple objective pushes are made, prioritize. The phone will secure a timer for the police, while the cars can be a constant threat of escape, what has parts in it already? Is the Four seater the realistic option? Always look at the realism of the situation. But sometimes sacrifices have to be made, try to decide which objective to do based on how much time has passed, if it helps you, set up a stopwatch on your smart phone to start as soon as you can move as Jason, this will let you prioritize based on time remaining. You can break the phone box if they repair it, interrupting the phone call if its in progress. Always try to keep morph available if you are going to chase people for kills, you never know what will get pushed unexpectadly.

Mid -> Late Game

Transitioning into Late game means all your powers are available, you can use this to your great advantage if you use your shift/stalk combo to catch survivors unaware, and to kill them using this deadly combo. If you use these two, they can’t hear your music when you are next to them using shift, meaning they won’t be zig zagging or moving very quickly, which is an easy grab/hit for you.

Always use your better judgment on these situations, who do you think has a PK, etc.

Emphasizing the slaying of slower characters before you transition into End game.

End Game

This is the last 10 minutes of the game, or from the moment you enter rage mode. Your senses become absurdly strong, and your powers gain faster cooldown times, as well as length (in regards to shift, sense, and stalk.)(Needs testing). YOu are now also able to break down doors, walls, etc INSTANTLY with E. No need to bash it 6 times as non Destruction + Jasons. Rage will allow you to sense people much easier, and to track them down and kill them quickly. After entering rage, the police box becomes more irrelevant, because 5 minutes is half of the remaining game time. (Assuming the caller doesn’t have my dad’s a cop.) But it should still be defended, especially if it results in an easy kill.

Use all the knowledge and intelligence you have accrued throughout the game to make these last kills quick, so these results don’t happen, if you’re playing right, there should only be a handful of survivors left, usually 2-3 tops. If the police have been called, try to find people camping near the roads. You want to kill them before they arrive, not try to face them at the exit. Once again, time is everything, every minute you waste trying to kill someone, is another minute of progress another player makes, or a group of players make, playing as Jason requires you to look at the bigger picture if you want to consistently kill everyone, becoming tunnel visioned will lose you valuable points, time, and delicious survivors to kill.

Written by The Hand.

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