Rust – Efficiency Guide

This guide will contain anything that I can think of to help you be more efficient in your time spent on Rust. You’ll wake up on the island, having ideas running through your mind to help you achieve being one step ahead of your neighbors. It will cover things like Outpost, Bandit Camp, General Gameplay Tips, Console Commands, Clothing, etc.

How to Be More Efficient


You can buy 500 wood, for only 150 stone. These will stack upto 10,000 each for Wood and Stone and 2,500 for Metal Fragments thus saving you space when you put them in your Tool Cupboard if you play on Vanilla servers with no modified stack sizes. It’s way more efficient to farm 3 stone nodes, than 20 trees. Think about it.

Some more notable trades are as follows:

  • 25x Lowgrade for 5 Scrap.
  • 500x Wood for 150 Stones.
  • 250x Metal Fragments for 25 Scrap.

Not to mention, you can also purchase useful items such as Large Furnace, Oil Refinery, Turrets, Tactical Gloves & Jackhammers.

When you buy the Tactical Gloves for 40 Scrap, you can recycle them and recieve 200 Cloth back. So if you bring 1,000 Scrap you will recieve 5,000 Cloth making it much more efficient for cloth than trying to look for Hemp everywhere or farming animals.

When Recycling there are 3 main items in the game currently you should recycle one at a time. That is, Laptops, CCTV Cameras & Sewing Kits.

For High Quality Metal you can buy 16x Scopes from Bandit Camp, for 300 Scrap and you get 40x High Quality Metal once you recycle it.

For Gunpowder you can buy F1 Grenades for 8 Scrap and recycle them for 15x Gunpowder and 13x Metal Fragments each.

Do you need food? You can take 100 Scrap to Bandit Camp and buy 200 Corn Seed and have food forever.

Gameplay, and General Tips

If you’re downed, you can press F1 to bring up your console and drag items out of your hotbar so your killer might not find things you dispose of.

Don’t forget, when picking someone up you can still do things like jump, shoot, aim, reload, crouch, alt look, syringe yourself, a teammate, and place walls.

You can shoot a Bolt-Action Rifle twice as fast if you have 2 in your hotbar, both with 4 rounds chambered and switch between them each shot.

I always see a bunch of players covering their Large Furnaces using Floor Grills. While this seems practical, it’s much more efficient to build your furnace room as a 2×2, 4 walls high and cover your Large Furnace with stone floors. They are much stronger than Floor Grills. This way doesn’t require metal, or blueprints and is more secure. It’s recommended to make a 4×4, with 4 Large Furnaces and 1 Oil Refinery in the middle.

Tapping the Jackhammer uses less durability, and is faster. This is because Jackhammers are designed to farm the node every hit, but there’s a small cooldown in between each hit.

When using Salvaged Icepick, purposefully missing the first * hit on Sulfur and Metal Nodes will allow you to farm the node in one less hit.

You can fit 2 small boxes underneath a Tier 3 Workbench. Rotate your workbench away from you, place a small box on the right side of the workbench underneath. Then, rotate it towards you and place your 2nd box to the left of the one you just placed.

If you craft melee weapons, you can actually destroy Sam Turrets around monuments and fly directly to the loot boxes and farm AKs, C4, L96s, much faster with less cost, only fuel & Hazmats.

  • Boonie Hat is the same protection as the Wooden Helmet, with no durability + cheaper.
  • Wolf Mask + Bandana is the same as a Coffee Can Helmet, but is better against cold and has no durability.
  • Hide Poncho is the same protection as the Wooden Chestplate but is better against cold and is only 20x Leather.
  • You can heal by drinking water if you’re under 40 HP.

  • You can repair broken, stackable items by first throwing a stack of 100% durability ones down, and then throwing the broken one into the stack.
  • You can harvest Scientists for 20 cloth each.
  • Hazmat Suits completely remove wetness, bring them with you if you get on a boat.

Console Commands

Extras: Console Commands / Binds

Press F1, and type these console commands in. There’s a brief description with each one.

Remove quotation marks for “key here” and put that key you want.

  1. Steps 60 (This allows you to jump higher, or get boosts done easier).
  2. Monuments (This will show you all of the monuments on the map, along with caves & their direct coordinates).
  3. Printpos (This will give you your coordinates, in which you can tell which cave, or radtown you’re closest to).
  4. Bind “key here” kill (This will skip the loading screen, and respawn you immediately).
  5. Bind “key here” respawn_sleepingbag sleepingbagIDhere (This will allow you to respawn at a sleeping bag, with the press of a button. You will need to hit your bag first with something, and do combatlog in console to find the ID).
  6. Bind “key here” craft.add itemid amount (You can find the ID of bandages, for example and press a button and have banages automatically craft).
  7. Bind “key here” forward;sprint (Press key to auto-run, press Shift and W to cancel).
  8. Bind z attack;duck (Press Z to permanently crouch and auto-attack, press Left Click and Control to cancel).
  9. Bind f2 “consoletoggle;clear;combatlog” (Press F2 to call up the combatlog with one key).
  10. Bind Mouse1 +lighttoggle;+attack2 (Automatically turn on the flashlight / lasersight only when you aim down sight).
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