Rust – Automatic Potato Farming 2.0 Timer Guide

How to set up and maintain a fully automatic potato watering system in the rust farming 2.0 update.

Guide to Automatic Potato Watering System


This guide is here to show you the basics of setting up a timer with a automatic on and off sequence.

For this setup you will need:

  • 1 – fluid pump.
  • 2 – blockers.
  • 3 – timers.
  • 9 – electrical branches.
  • 1 – wire tool.

With the picture above using your wire tool, connect the electrical component to its matching color on another electrical component.

Once you have all the wires set up all you need is power (hook up a medium or large battery to a switch and then run the output of that switch into the input of the bottom left-most electrical branch ) then all you need to do is set up the correct power settings on your electrical branches and correct times for your timers (as shown with the white numbers on the timers and electrical branches accordingly) then all you need to do is hook water up to your pump.the power output on the bottom left electrical branch, the same one you plugged your switch into (the power output is the one on the top left of the electrical branch) is then plugged into the lights of your farm and the water is put into the sprinklers. and then all you need to do is turn it on and your done! (depending on the area you have your farm in you might need to adjust the timer on the top left to have more or less time in between watering sessions).


  1. man this is overcomplicated, you only need 3 branches a blocker and two timers and then you can tell one timer to turn the other on and for how long

  2. admittedly if you don’t have your water source above your farm my method wouldn’t work but the pump on/off aren’t needed if you do. good guide 🙂

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